Minutes July 2019

Richmond Library Trustee

Minutes July 25, 2019


Present: Rebecca Mueller, Jenna Bisset, Laurie Dana, Martha Nye, Jana Brown, Ellen Crary.

Ellen moves to approve the June minutes.  Seconded by Jenna.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Ellen reported that maintenance for last fiscal year will be over our budget.  Elevator serviced at the end of June due to issue of the elevator becoming temporarily stuck,  Bay State Elevator has been back several times and feels that installing $900 for retractor bar for the elevator to potentially solve elevator issues.

Librarian’s Report:  New book orders have been placed now that the new fiscal year has started.  More new young adult books is a suggestion from the community.

Report from the Friends meeting:  Proposed cookbook sale at the holiday fair and take over the mezzanine for that purpose.  There was also a suggestion to sell them at the Farmer’s Market.   We can also use the holiday fair to promote Friends of the library and the book sale, etc.  Remind the community what the Friends are doing for the library/community.

New siding will be installed to the exterior near the front entrance, next week.

Summer programming is going well.  56 people attended the recent Green Sea presentation.  Owl program was very popular.  Part 2 campers have been coming and participating in summer reading.

Famer’s market:  Two possible dates August 16th and 23rd.  Trustees chose August 16th to be our date to display at the Farmers’ Market.    Have a blanket with picture books for kids to read. Advertise fall library programming, playgroups, story hour, etc.  Promote Fall programming and joining the Friends–Invite a representative from the Friends to attend.   Ellen will advertise the library presence on Front Porch Forum.

Town Building Committee:  Plan is to attend August 5 Selectboard meeting and request permission to put out a bid for the HVAC system and to remedy the basement issues, specifically for the water issue.  The proposal is to hire a General Contractor to develop and solicit bids for each option and then take the bids to the Selectboard.  Bids will be solicited for the hiring of the GC.   The committee will discuss how this will be funded at the August 8th meeting.

Review of the bylaws:  Discussion of revisions to the bylaws.  Laurie will revise by-laws and distribute for a vote at the next meeting.

Circulation Desk:  Discussion of asking the Friends to fund (or help fund) the circulation desk project.

Ellen moved that we enter Executive Session to discuss personnel issues.  Seconded by Jana. Trustees voted to adjourn from Executive Session.

There will be no August meeting.

Per Jenna’s request, meetings for Sept. – Dec. have been moved to the 2nd Mondays of the month.  Dates are:

  • Monday, September 9
  • Monday, October 14 (Columbus Day)
  • Monday, November 11 (Veteran’s Day)
  • Monday, December 9


Meeting concluded at 8:07PM






Agenda July 2019

Richmond Free Library Trustees

July 25, 6:30 pm  (1st Floor of Library)

Vote Approve June minutes

Treasurer’s Report

Librarian’s Report

Farmer’s Market planning (August 16 & 23)

Town Building Committee report

Review of By-Laws

Executive Session – Personnel issue


Minutes June 2019 – DRAFT

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting

June 6th at 6:30PM

Present:  Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Martha Nye, Rebecca Mueller, Jana Brown

Vote to approve the June meeting agenda.  Jana moved to approve.  Laurie seconded the motion.  Approved.

Vote to approve minutes of the May 20 meeting.  Moved by Laurie, seconded by Martha.  Approved.

Vote on Revised Room Use of Space Policy.  This policy has been amended.  Motion to approve by Martha, seconded by Jana.  Approved.

The expanded Minors Policy document has been added to the body of the policies document and will be voted on as part of the revised policies.

 Vote on revised Policies (attached).  There was discussion about a policy regarding weeding the collection.  Rebecca thinks the information pertaining to weeding can be found in the Appendices A & B.  She will check the language of the Freedom to Read policy.  If more specificity is needed about the weeding policy, language will be added to address this issue.  The revised policies now include the full Minors Policy document.  Ellen moved to approve the amended Policies.  Seconded by Jana.  Approved unanimously.

Discussion of a banner purchase for the Fourth of July celebration.  Ellen has been investigating options and ideas.  We’ll hang it over the wooden sign in the yard on the 4th of July.  Discussion of quote options for the banner.  Dark colored fabric would be preferable.  Laurie will consider design options for the banner.

Discussion of 2 proposed outreach opportunities

  • Frederick Douglas Document Reading (Rebecca): VHC asks organizations to do a reading of the 4th of July speech. VHC sends out the text and suggested promotional language/materials.  This is an opportunity for the library to consider.  Discussion of promoting this document on Facebook/social media.
  • Farmer’s Market tabling (Laurie). Friday afternoon/evening at the Farmer’s Market.  One goal would be to sign families up for library cards and allow folks to walk away with a physical card.  We could also sell the donated cookbooks.  Ellen will follow up on this.


Report on Town Building Committee status, scope of work, Library tour & presentation request.  Recommendation for Trustee action. (Laurie)

The first Town Building Comm. Meeting happened on Tuesday.  They agreed that the library is a tenant in a town building and that the building maintenance needs are pressing and separate from the Town Building Committee’s primary work. Rebecca’s list of prioritized building needs and various reports relating to the condition of the library building will be used to create a prioritized list.  This list will be presented to the Selectboard for action.  The committee members agree that heating needs for the library are pressing.  There was some discussion of the town needing a property manager or hiring a management company to deal with needs of all buildings.

Review of building projects list (Rebecca)

Trustees added mold abatement in the basement.

The motion to enter Executive Session to discuss personnel matters was made by Jana, seconded by Ellen.  The Executive session closed at 8:12PM and the meeting adjourned.

Next meeting:  Thursday July 25th at 6:30PM.

For next agenda:

Brief Review of Library Trustee’s conference (Laurie)

Review of By-Laws









June 2019 Agenda

Richmond Free Library

Agenda – June 6, 2019

6:30 – Library Mezzanine


Vote to approve agenda.

Vote to approve minutes of May meeting.

Vote on Revised Room Use Policy

Vote on expanded Minors Policy document

Vote on revised Policies

Discuss 2 proposed outreach opportunities

  • Frederick Douglas Document Reading
  • Farmer’s Market tabling


Report on Town Building Committee status, scope of work, Library tour & presentation request.  Recommendation for Trustee action


Review of building projects list


Brief Review of Library Trustee’s conference


Discuss adding July meeting date – Propose Thursday, July 11, 6:30 p.m.









Minutes May 2019

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
Minutes Monday May 20, 2019

Present:  Rebecca Mueller, Martha Nye, Laurie Dana, Ellen Crary, Jana Brown, Jenna Bisset

Vote to approve the minutes from last month.  Moved by Ellen, seconded by Jenna. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s report (Ellen):  Maintenance is over budget for the year.  Close to budget on salary but there is only one month remaining in the fiscal year.  Office supplies 77% of budget.  Discussion of training and travel budget funds available.  General discussion of the state of the budget heading toward the close of the fiscal year.

Librarian’s report: 

  • Chip Patullo provided a weatherization audit for the library. There was discussion of making a triage list relating to the library, grouping projects together, and prioritizing the most urgent.  Rebecca will draft a list to circulate and discuss at the next meeting.  Currently there are multiple lists/reports relating to weatherization/repair for the library building and it will be helpful to condense this information into one list.
  • Discussion of repair bids for library steps. One bid has been submitted, two others will be sought.
  • Programs Update: Last Rocking Readers event with Part 2 was a field trip to the library.  30 kids attended and received library cards.  will be the exploring apprentice programs at 6:30PM.  Thursday will be how to protect yourself from identity theft.  Upcoming “Understanding Dog Communication” presentation from Gold Star Training.
  • Summer program almost ready to launch. Advertising materials to be printed soon.
  • Fall partnership with the VT Humanities Council to continue.

Town Building Committee:  Laurie will take part in this committee on behalf of the library.  The committee has not yet been fully formed or scheduled any meetings.

Salary discussion:  Budget for next fiscal year is $1,770 over approved amount if the recommended salary increases by Rebecca take place.

Discussion for proposals for the circulation desk: The most recent submission opens up some interesting possibilities.  Rebecca will recontact builders to get estimates using sketch provided by Patti Rossi.

Old Business:

Laurie will circulate the proposed policy around minors in the library and closing time issues so that the trustees can vote on this at the next meeting.  Rebecca will provide final Room Use Policy language to vote at the next meeting.

Next meeting will be on June 6th at 6:30PM.  On the agenda is planning for July 4th.Discussion of purchasing a banner for the library to celebrate July 4th and how to decorate the library for the holiday.  We might move away from staffing a table this year.

Trustees will also discuss Rebecca’s evaluation at the next meeting on June 6th.  Laurie will circulate an evaluation form that may aid in the evaluation process.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19PM



Minutes April 2019

Trustees Meeting
April 15, 2019
Present: Rebecca Mueller, Laurie Dana, Jana Brown, Martha Nye, Jenna Bisset, and Ellen Crary.

Election of Officers

The 2019-2020 Board of Trustees Officers were elected by unanimous vote:

President- Laurie Dana

Treasurer- Ellen Crary

Secretary- Jana Brown
Minutes Approved
Minutes from the March meeting were unanimously approved.

Librarians Report

  • The second Vermont Reads event was much better attended with 17 people attending.
  • Mud season playgroup was very successful.
  • Rusty DeWees performed two nights. It was a very light attendance compared to most of his events (25 people instead of the 100+ who usually attend).
  • Free Press subscription has resumed. The library has not yet been reimbursed for the second payment.
  • Rick Norcross from Rick and the Ramblers will be playing April 19th. Rebecca is hoping this will be well attended.
  • VT Humanities is sponsoring Rebecca Rupp for the program, “Soup to Nuts.”
  • The steps that lead from the sidewalk to the parking lot have crumbled and because of this, the railing has come off. This presents a danger to the public who could be accessing the library or town offices. In addition to this, the handicap ramp accessing the library has gouges in it making hazards for patrons in walkers as the walkers get stuck. Rebecca will contact the company that repaired the front steps for separate quotes on both projects – the ramp to be paid for by the Library and the steps by the Town.
  • The siding near the entry has a massive hole and insulation has been pulled out—this needs tobe deltt with soon.
  • The Town has established a Building Committee and invited Laurie to be on this committee. They are seeking 4 community members to serve as well as Christie Winters & Katie Mahoney from the Selectboard.  The trustees hope the town will be able to take care of problems related to the building. It needs to be clarified, that as the library is a Municipal Department, what is the relationship between the town and the building the library is housed in. There are some major issues that are coming up on a regular basis that need immediate attention along with the list Rebecca mentioned above. The trustees are most concerned about issues related to the physical safety of members in our community.


Town Pay Grade

Richmond has reinstituted a step pay grade system to recognize years of service.  As part of this process Rebecca has submitted detailed job descriptions of library employees. As a result of the new ranking, several employees are either above or below their pay grades.  Rebecca is far under the new pay grade. The town will be recommending a 3.5% total pay increase for town employees.  Because FY 2020 has been already approved, there will be a budget discrepancy in the 2020 budget.  Should Rebecca and the Trustees choose to approve a 3.5% across the board increase, we will need to cover that increase within the approved 2020 budget.  This will also increase the Social Security, Medicare and Retirement line items.


Heating Systems and Weatherization Audit

A weatherization audit was performed last week. The report was not yet available to the trustees. Rebecca stated that the windows and doors showed significant heat loss. Marshal Paulson met with Rebecca and provided his assement of possible fixes for the existing first floor heating issues, he does not want to bid on the project.


Review Capital Plan Submitted to Selectboard

The trustees and Rebecca discussed more building issues in addition to the ones listed above. The steeple was discussed as another building repair issue that presents a safety hazard to the public.  The library building issues are becoming larger and, in some cases, dangerous. The trustees will continue to work with the select board to encourage these to be fixed in a timely manner.


Status of Circulation Desk Renovation/ Redesign Project

Patty Rossi gave Rebecca a sketch for the circulation desk. Moov is coming in the near future to give design ideas. Brian Carpenter is the only builder who has submitted a bid for the work.


Drinking Fountain Update

As stated in the Breadloaf plan submitted to the selectboard, the library needs a commercial drinking fountain. Laurie has found a fountain to meet ADA that can be installed at the library. The fountain will cost $1700 and provide cold, but unfiltered water. Rebeca will call Falcon Plumbing.  She will also call two other plumbers to get the three bids required per project.


Summer Pavilion Project

Regretfully, the trustees have agreed to put the outdoor pavillion community project on hold so that more focus can be made on building related issues that need immediate attention.


Future Meeting Times

Monday, May 20, 6:30 p.m.

In June, meetings will return to the first Thursday of the month — June 6th.

No meeting in July

Thursday, August 1, 6:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Crary




Agenda April 2019

April 15, 2019 – 6:30 p.m.

Buxton Lounge – Mezzanine

  • Election of Officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • VoteApprove March minutes
  • Librarian’s Report
  • Town Pay Grade plan
  • Heating system & weatherization audit
  • Review capital plan submitted to Selectboard
  • Status of circulation desk renovation/redesign project
  • Drinking fountain update
  • Vote Approve Changes to Room Use Policy
  • Summer pavilion project – status



Upcoming Trustee Meeting Dates: 

Mon., May 20 – 6:30 p.m.

Thurs., June 6 – 6:30 p.m.

No meeting in July



2019 March Minutes

Present: Rebecca Mueller, Laurie Dana, Jana Brown, Martha Nye, and Ellen Crary.
Absent: Jenna Bisset
WelcomeThe board welcomes our new trustee Martha Nye.

Election of Officers

The election of officers was delayed until all members are present.

Minutes Approved
Minutes from the January meeting were unanimously approved.

Budget  2020

The corrected 2020 budget was emailed to all trustees.

Librarians Report

The next warrant will contain a bill from Chuck’s Heating and Cooling as they have worked on the library’s first floor heat systems three times in the past month. Rebecca is exploring other options to the degrading heat system.

The Vermont Reads series with the Peace and Justice Center and Mansfield Cooperative School had an event at the library complete with soup offerings had zero attendants.

Saturday mornings Mud Season Playgroup has been well attended.

Rick Norcross from Rick and the Ramblers is coming April 19

Rusty DeWees aka The Logger is coming April 12 & 13. Tickets can be bought at Crimson Poppy.

Allison Richards from the Vermont Department of Labor will be coming in May to do a talk about the Apprenticeship program in Vermont. Rebecca is hoping to advertise this widely. Ellen will send information to the MMU Advisory program. Rebecca will send it to CVU.

The Burlington Free Press has stopped delivering the paper after, not only an accidental second payment, but multiple phone calls. Rebecca is hoping this will get resolved soon.

Annual Calendar

The annual calendar was handed out to all trustees present. The library will not be doing the Easter time chocolate egg hunt as it was more work than expected and the grant for free chocolates is not available a second time.

Status of Circulation Desk

Rebecca is still working on hiring a designer to create a plan for the space. Moov Consultants is available as is Patty Rossi. Rebecca still has only one out of three bids needed to build the new desk. The trustees suggested Rebecca contact Hillview Design.

Room Use Policy

The vote to approve the Room Use policy was delayed until it can be ascertained that the copyright clause is legally accurate.  Ellen has been working on researching this.

Summer Pavilion Project

Laurie emailed Josh and was told to contact Kendal or Pete about the land behind the library and if and where there are pipes. The Selectboard owns the property as it belongs to the town. The zoning administration or the DRB will have to approve any structure that is built in the space based on the size of the structure. Trustees believe that it will be small enough to only need a zoning permit. It was suggested that this project get on the selectboard meeting soon so that we can explain our preliminary plan.

The trustees discussed having a covered place with room for seating under as well as a shed that could store bikes and snowshoes. Rebecca stated that there is a grant that provides these items that the library would like to get. The trustees envision this project to be funded by a community donation project. This project will be spearheaded by trustees.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Crary, Secretary



Agenda March 2019

Richmond Free Library

Trustees March 18, 2019



  • Welcome New Trustee – Martha Nye
  • Election of Officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • VoteApprove February minutes
  • Budget as Voted for 2020 (handout)
  • Librarian’s Report
  • Status of circulation desk renovation/redesign project
  • Annual Calendar (handout)
  • Vote Approve Changes to Room Use Policy
  • Update on Summer pavilion project



Upcoming Trustee Meeting Dates: 

Mon., April 15 – 6:30 p.m.

Mon., May 20 – 6:30 p.m.

Thurs., June 6 – 6:30 p.m.

No meeting in July



2019 February Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting
February 18, 2019

Present: Rebecca Mueller , Laurie Dana, Jana Brown, and Ellen Crary.
Absent: Keith Franz, Jenna Bisset

Minutes Approved
Minutes from the January meeting were unanimously approved.

Resolution of Thanks

Passed unanimously.

“Resolved that the Trustees of the Richmond Free Library thank retiring Trustee, Keith Franz, for his service to the library and the community.”

Librarians Report

The nature series has been popular and has had a high attendance rate.

Preliminary Book Sale Report

The book sale brought in ⅕ less than last year but brought in approximately $4200. This may have been in part to do with winter weather. There were over 40 volunteers for the event and a very large thank you goes out to Mary Keller Butler and Martha Lang.

Prepare For Town Meeting

Laurie is planning on going. Trustees believe that we should be represented each year.  A new trustee will be voted in this year and there are three candidates on the ballot.

Review Status Revisions to Library Policies and Review existing Use of Space Contract

Changes were made to the Room Usage Contract to include #8, “In accordance with the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and its interpretation pertaining to meeting rooms, the library does not limit use of the meeting room based on the subject matter or content of the meeting or on the beliefs or affiliations of the meeting’s sponsors.”  #10, “ DVD’s, videotapes, etc. are protected by copyright laws and, unless designated as public domain material or accompanied by Public Performance Rights, cannot be shown in any library meeting room.” And also to add the director or their designee have permission to book the space.

Laurie sent out a revision to be reviewed and voted on at the March meeting.

Action Step #4 -Environment

One bid for the change of the front desk has come in. Rebecca is waiting on one other bid that will come in possibly in April. It was discussed that perhaps an architect or designer be hired to sketch plans rather than relying on a contractor to be the designer as well as the builder. Ellen will contact a designer she knows.

Before we proceed on the outdoor patio and pavilion area, it needs to be determined who actually owns or has rights to the land surrounding the library. Laurie will check with Josh on this.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Crary, Secretary