March Minutes

Richmond Free Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes, March 1, 2018


Present:  Jenna Bisset, Laurie Dana, Kristen Hayden-West, Keith Franz, Rebecca Mueller, and Trustee candidate Jana Brown.  Absent: Ellen Crary


Approve Minutes

Minutes from the February 1 Trustees meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Keith does not have an updated budget but feels that we are on track for the budget year ending June 30, 2018.  Rebecca reported that there will be additional charges for supplies in the coming report.  He will have more information for the April meeting.

Library Director’s Report

Rebecca’s emailed Library Director’s Report included the following items.  Trustee discussion indicated in bold.:

  • The animation workshop, with MMCTV, was a great success — participants learned a lot and were very happy with their productions
  • Babysitter Certification course filled up quickly – will be offered March 10. Trustee Discussion: Trustees asked if this could be repeated as some disappointment was heard about not getting in. Rebecca will contact Rescue to ask about a second session. She has a waiting list.
  • Baby Brunch will be held Sunday, March 25to welcome the new residents of Richmond
  • Katherine Paterson, author of the current Vermont Reads title, Bread & Roses, too – will be speaking at Richmond, 6:30 pm, June 5.  Richmond Free Library has been selected as one of the 4 state venues for this year by the Vermont Humanities Council for author presentations.
  • Easy Readers/Playaways have been shifted in the juvenile room
  • Relocation of Internet/Electricity for a new Circulation area can be run via the ceiling.
  • The Town of Richmond wants to switch all phone lines to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with Comcast and discontinue services by Waitsfield Telecom. Trustee Discussion: Currently the library has 4 phone lines (main phone, 2nd main line backup for outgoing calls, fax and elevator emergency phone.  The Library Director and Trustees voiced several concerns including whether the cost savings were worth it.  Of particular concern is the loss of landlines service which function in a power outage.  For example, the elevator emergency phone must function during an outage.  It is also not clear whether the free Comcast service the library currently has through an existing service agreement would continue.  Rebecca expressed concern about whether Comcast can match the responsive service provided by Waitsfield & Champlain Valley. There is also a desire to support a local company.  Rebecca indicated she feels she will be pressured to agree.  Trustees agreed that more information is needed in order to help the Library Director to make an informed decision about what is best for the library.  Rebecca will seek more information.
  • A cash box for payments for the ongoing book sale in the entry has been mounted on the wall with instructions about checks.


Book Sale Report

This year’s book sale was very successful Income was around $5,900 (of which $856 was income from the raffle).  This is slightly less than last year but last year’s income included about $125 from the bake sale.

Non-Resident Fees

Currently the RFL fees paid by patrons who are not Richmond residents is $35/household and results in about $1,000 of income.  This income currently goes into the Town’s general fund.  It is the opinion of the Trustees and Library Director that this money should be devoted to either salary or books/materials line items.  Rebecca reported that the change cannot be made for this year.  Keith suggested that this money go into the copier fund.  The alternative is that the trustees request that this money be reflected in a new line item in next year’s budget.  This would need to be done via a letter to the Selectboard.

New Business

The Friends of Richmond Library, which meets 2 times a year, seems to have been experiencing a drop in interest as the Book Sale is currently their only event. There was some discussion about the volunteer schedule precluding those who work, or attend school, from volunteering.  Because the Friends help to fund many Library programs and efforts such as the recent children’s non-fiction upgrade, it is important that the Trustees continue to have a liaison to the group.  Since Kristen has been fulfilling this role, the Trustees will discuss and select a new liaison at the April meeting.

Strategic Plan

Kristen moved and Keith seconded the motion to approve the Revised Draft of the Strategic Plan 2017-2022 from the February 1, 2018 meeting with changes as read by the Secretary.  The motion passed unanimously.  The final language appears as an addendum to these minutes.  The order of the items will be partly determined by the design & photos which Laurie will now work on with help from Wendy and Vicki.


Town Manager Geoff Urbanik suggested that the Library present the Strategic Plan to the Selectboard.  Trustees generally agree this is a good idea, not only to present the Plan, but to discuss the Library’s unique relationship to the Selectboard—this will be important as there will be 2 new members.  This will be an agenda item in April.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Richmond Free Library Trustees will be Thursday, April 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library.


Agenda Items:

  • Election of Officers, selection of Friends of RFL Liaison
  • Review of Annual Calendar
  • VOIP phone service – update and Trustee action needed
  • Strategic Plan document design progress
  • Discussion of Selectboard presentation


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Dana, Secretary

March 2, 2018



Strategic Plan 2017-2022


RESOURCES:  The library plans to buy more print & digital materials, in a range of formats and subjects, appropriate for patrons of all ages and abilities.


EXPERIENCES: The library plans to host activities that reach out to a broad spectrum of people to address the interests and needs of all community members.


PARTNERSHIPS:  The library Intends to actively expand partnerships with groups and organizations in our community.


ENVIRONMENT:  The library will reconfigure interior and exterior space to enhance comfort, quiet work, and group gatherings.


ENGAGEMENT:  The library will provide positive and supportive interactions with all library visitors.


Approved by Richmond Free Library Trustees

Thursday, March 1, 2018



2018 March Agenda

Richmond Free Library

March 1, 2018 — 6:30 pm.



Treasurer’s Report

Librarian’s Report

Old Business

  • Book Sale Report
  • Non-Resident Fee Update

Strategic Plan

  • Discuss and Finalize Language
  • Presentation to Selectboard (discuss Geoff’s invitation)

New Business

2018 February Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes – February 1, 2018

Present:  Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Rebecca Mueller

Minutes from January Meeting

The Minutes from the January 18, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Keith reported that the budget expenditures to date are in line with expectations.  He reviewed two specific line items of concern — $985 for Green Mountain . . . and $500+ for Bennington Coop (electrical).  Rebecca clarified that the Green Mountain charge is for Consortium dues.  Keith will research the Bennington charge.

Librarian’s Report

  • Air intake pipe to youth library furnace iced over and furnace shut down. Contractor suggested hiring scaffolding/cherry picker to access pipe (which is just under the roof line) to clear or to wait until it melts.   Since we have three other zones that were heated, Wendy decided to let the ice melt.   (A good decision, I think)
  • Extreme cold caused a pipe/valve in the sprinkler system to burst. This triggered an alarm to the fire station.   Both Laurie & Kristen were alerted.   Kristen came to the library to make sure the fire fighters had access to the building.   (NOTE: The Fire Station has both door code and keys to the building.)
  • Librarian submitted fiscal 2016-2017 library report to the Town for publication in the 2017 Town Report.
  • Librarian submitted fiscal 2016-2017 report and statistics to the Department of Libraries.
  • Library will sponsor a baby-sitting certification course in March. Maximum enrollment is 12 students at $39/each.
  • Library will host animation workshop during winter break with Angelike Contis from Mount Mansfield.
  • Clarification regarding raffle baskets note in January minutes. The baskets WERE on display during the Holiday Market from 9:30 am to 2 pm in the foyer of the library.   That day represented the largest number of tickets sold, but tickets sold still fell short of last year’s yield, even though raffle were on display same amount of time.    Perhaps contents weren’t as exciting as last year?

Non-Resident Fees

Per Rebecca’s proposal from the last Trustees’ meeting that the fees from non-Richmond residents go into the Library budget and not into the Town’s general fund. Rebecca checked with Connie at the Town Offices.  She needs to confirm with the auditors that this can be done and how best to reflect it in the books.  The amount is around $1,200 annually.  There was discussion that this should help offset salaries and/or books & materials since these fees are being paid to allow non-residents access to library materials and support staff.  This item will remain on future agenda’s until resolved.

Town Meeting

After some discussion, Trustees agreed that we are not at a point to present the new Strategic Plan at March town meeting.  The library has not been asked to present anything so we have no plans to do so at this point.

Volunteer Brunch

The annual volunteer brunch will take place on Sunday, February 4. The library currently has about 25 volunteers. Everything is in place for the event.

Strategic Plan

Trustees worked on rewording of Strategic Plan category descriptions.  After extensive discussion, a 5th item was added to the categories and was tentatively titled “Interactions.”  Trustees asked for time to consider this wording and, perhaps, come up with a more appropriate category title.

RFL Trustee Farewell & Election Report

Trustees officially thanked Kristen Hayden-West for 10 years of service as a Library Trustee.  There will be two candidates on the ballot in March for the open seat.

Next Meeting:

The next Trustees meeting will be Thursday, March 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library.

Agenda items will include finalizing and voting on the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan; update on Non-Resident Fee status, Book Sale report.

2018 February Agenda

Richmond Free Library Trustees

1 February 2018

6:30 pm.




6:00     Greeting

6:05     Treasurer’s Report

6:10     Librarian’s Report

6:15     Allocation of Non-resident fees

6:20     Preparation for Town Meeting

6:35     Discussion, Proposed Item #5 of Strategic Plan

7:00     Vote on Revised Strategic Plan

2018 January Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting

Minutes, Thursday, January 18, 2018


Present: Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Kristen Hayden-West

Absent:  Keith Franz, Rebecca Mueller

Minutes approved

Minutes from the December 7 meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report will be provided at the February meeting.

Library Director’s Report

Trustees reviewed the items provided by Rebecca in an email as her report.

  • Bill for sewer pipe flush & repair came in at a very reasonable $312.!!!
  • Ryan McCardle completed tear out and replacement of moldy walls in the basement where it got wet.   He also painted.   Very nice job and also reasonable.
  • Jennifer Esser has started programming at the Part 2 afterschool program.  She’s leading a program every Wednesday.
  • The “Art of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock” program from Vermont Humanities Council was a moderate success.  (Held December 13)
  • We decorated the walls with Christmas Tree art  during December.   Individuals took either cutout or coloring design to decorate and then return to library for display.  Kids and adults participated.
  • Raffle was not quite as successful as last year, though we did raise $240.    Our hope was to raise $456 amount necessary to fully fund another babysitting certification course for up to 12 through the Rescue Squad.   We will approach Friends for the difference or take from Programming budget.  Discussion:  Trustees felt that this could be in part that the raffle baskets were not displayed and available to buy tickets during the Holiday Market this year.

Kristen presented a concern from Rebecca on her behalf.  Rebecca feels that membership fees for non-Richmond residents should go into the Library budget and not the Town’s General Fund as it is now.  She feels,  and the Trustees agreed, that this money should go into the budget and be added to the Materials Purchase line item.  The Trustees have added this to the agenda for the next meeting.

Volunteer Brunch

The annual Volunteer Brunch will take place on Sunday, February 4.  Trustees will arrive around 11-11:30 to set up and the brunch takes place from 12-1:30.

  1. Volunteer Gifts – Ellen will buy small bags, Kristen will provide caramels, we would like to provide gift certificates to the Richmond Market (Rebecca?)
  2. Flowers – Rebecca or Laurie will contact Recycled Flowers for 6-7 centerpieces.
  3. Tablecloths – Trustees will bring tablecloths
  4. Food
    • Rebecca – Meatballs
    • Kristen – Fruit Salad
    • Ellen – Coffee and juice
    • Jenna – Pasta salad


  • Laurie – baked goods (muffin or quick bread)
  • Rebecca – Can you publicize this and check with staff regarding other items to bring?


Candidates for March Election

We believe there will be two candidates for the March opening on the Library Board of Trustees– Jana Brown and Kate Krieder.

Book Sale

Friends of the RFL Book Sale will be held on Feb. 16 (evening) and Feb. 17 (daytime).  Trustees were encouraged to sign up to volunteer and to encourage donation of appropriate books.


Strategic Plan


The Trustees spent most of the meeting working on the public wording of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 in an effort to express our intention in clearer and more engaging language.  The attached document (Strategic Plan – Public Document DRAFT). represents the results of this discussion (the original language is preserved at the bottom of this document for comparison).


Additional Section – Trustees agreed that section represented by Environment needed to be divided into two and that the idea of enhanced “service” should be a separate item.  This discussion will be the focus of the February Trustees meeting.


March Town Meeting

We hope to have the revised Strategic Plan ready to distribute at the March 6 Town Meeting.  Laurie will work with Library staff to locate or take appropriate photos to illustrate the plan.


Trustee Meetings

The next trustee meeting will be held Thursday, February 1 at 6:30.  This will be Kristen’s last meeting. The Trustees meeting schedule will return to the first Thursday of the month as the temporary conflict has been resolved.


Agenda for Feb. 1 Meeting

1st ½ hour:

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Discussion of Library members’ fees going to Library Budget
  • Short Library Director’s report (it was suggested that items be sent as an email and discussion of items would be “as needed”)
  • Planning for Town Meeting presentation

Remainder of the meeting:

  • Discussions of proposed item #5 in the Strategic Plan.
  • Vote on the revised Strategic Plan


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Dana, Secretary
Richmond Board of Trustees

Monday, January 22, 2018

2017 November Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting

Minutes, Monday, November 6

Present: Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Rebecca Mueller

Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report – Keith Franz

  • Error from electric bill corrected.  Library & Water Dept bills were accidentally switched.
  • Financial reports for the previous month will be delayed.  The Town’s Financial Director doesn’t receive end of month data in sufficient time before trustee meetings at the beginning of the month.

Library Director’s Report – Rebecca Mueller

  • Soup & Stories program was very successful and Rebecca suggests doing it again, perhaps at the same time of the next Church rummage sale.
  • Wendy has set up the free hot beverage table
  • Rebecca has arranged for walls with mold in the basement to be removed and replaced.   Source of water has been addressed and basement is dry.
  • Two Vermont Humanities Council presentations will be held.  In November, “Rosie’s Mom: Women in WWI,” in December, “Suspense of Alfred Hitchcock.”

Holiday Market, December 2

Trustees will not reserve a table.  Library will put out informational display, have hand-outs, and put raffles.

Letter of Appeal Fundraising

Letters requesting funds should be delayed until strategic plan is developed and requests can mention specific needs.  Also, there is a lot of competition with other appeal letters in November and December.

Trustee Vacancy

    Kristen’s term ends in March 2018.   Possible new members should be identified and perhaps solicited.   A petition must be filed with the Town Clerk by (approximate) January 25 in order to be placed on the ballot.

Strategic Plan Discussion

    Trustees shared Strategic Plan presentations (e.g., Norwich Library, Charlotte Library, Phoenix (AZ), Winnipeg, Chattanooga, and provided links to others.

The most important part of developing a strategic plan is not to develop a laundry list of suggestions, but to consider what concepts will guide the library in the coming years.  These concepts should be broad yet clear.   The following two strategic concepts were identified:


  1. WELCOME:  The library will work toward improving the perception and sensation of feeling welcome at the Richmond Free Library.   We will identify physical changes, both inside and out that help visitors feel welcome and make our space more accessible.  In addition to visual and physical cues of welcome, the library will continue to try to reach out to residents that may be reluctant to visit the library for various reasons.  Staff will maintain a welcoming manner at all times.


Examples:  reconfigure service desk, enhance signage, design and construct outdoor space for patrons and programs, improve furnishings where possible.


  1. PARTNER:  The library will actively partner and collaborate with other organizations in the community in an intentional manner and embrace change and innovative actions that are responsive to community needs.

Examples:  AARP (tax returns), programs with Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, promote financial empowerment through various means (Money Smart programs), find ways to respond to indicated citizen preferences as indicated in Town Plan,

Next Meeting:

The next trustee meeting will be held Monday, December 4, at 6-8:30 PM.  It is hoped that trustees can make significant progress on the major concepts of strategic plan.  After those goals have been iterated, we can discuss how to format the plan (e.g., length, selected graphics, font, etc.)

Adjourned, 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,
November 10, 2017

Rebecca Mueller, Librarian

2017 October Agenda

RFL Trustees Agenda 10-5-17

6:30,  RFL Mezzanine

  1. Approve September minutes
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Library’s Director’s Report
  4. Review Town Plan data for developing RFL Strategic Plan
  5. Plans for Halloween and Soup and Stories
  6. Discuss possible fundraising letter

2017 June Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting

Minutes, June 1, 2017

Present: Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Rebecca Mueller

May Minutes

Keith moved to approve the May minutes, which were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Keith Reported that the budget is in good shape for the year.  In particular, the projected income from Community Room fees is well above the $6,000 projection – currently $8,700 with another $1,252 being deposited soon.

Rebecca observed that we are under in postage due to a grant received to provide courier services for inter-library loan deliveries and pick ups.  This is working well.

We have spent $6,700 of the $8,000 added to Capital Reserve for this year.


  • Director’s Report


  • Rebecca reported that she has an estimate of $950 to replace the linoleum in the downstairs bathroom.
  • She has three bids for replacement of carpeting in stairway and landings, back section of the Community Room and two youth rooms.  Best bid is $11,189 from Flooring America.
  • Rebecca will contact Geoff Urbanik regarding when he will be putting out the town-wide building assessment work to bid.  This was requested by the Selectboard but the Trustees wanted to make sure he understands that this is an important priority for the Library Trustees.
  • The elevator did not pass inspection as they are requiring that we remove the smoke detector at the top of the elevator shaft.  Rebecca is inquiring about the reasoning but has been told that this is a recent change to code and the elevator is in violation.
  • Rebecca reports that she will be replacing the printer in the resource room and plans to use money in the “copier fund” to do this.
  • She commented that there have been many building maintenance issues during FY17 including the light fixture fire, 2 water leaks, mice damaging the radiant heat, replacement of the concrete stairs and the bathroom fix.
  • Summer programming for children is all in place and should be exciting.
  • There are a couple of “Little Free Libraries” being added in Richmond—one is planned for a neighborhood and one for Volunteers’ Green.
  • Rentals of the Community Room are keeping Rebecca and Wendy very busy and they have to make more judgement calls on fees based on whether the use fits the library’s mission, fulfills a community need or is a marketing or for-profit venture.
  • Rebecca would still like to reconfigure the circulation desk.

Conservation Fund Application

Kristen would like to set a deadline to have a request in to the Conservation Fund to finance at least the steeple repair portion of the roof replacement.  She will work on this project using the cost estimates from previous room assessments.

Strategic Planning

The Trustees envision that the next 3-year Library strategic planning project starts in earnest in September and should be completed by December 2017.  Laurie or Kristen will share the survey questions from the last Strategic Planning cycle and August Trustees agenda will include rewriting and/or simplifying those questions.  Ellen will look for the results of the Town-Wide strategic planning process in order to inform this work.  Trustees were asked to approach a few people to get their input into what questions should be asked.

July 4th plan

Trustees will again have a tent and table at the 4th of July festivities.  We will sell water and books.

  • Staff will pull a selection of books, with a particular emphasis on children’s books.  Kristen suggested posting a request for children’s book donations for this effort on Front Porch Forum.
  • Keith will purchase water – with the amount based on the weather prediction.
  • Laurie will round up coolers for ice
  • Ellen will bring (or lend) her wagon
  • Kristen will take care of getting ice and will bring the tent
  • Jenna offered to do face painting at the table and will purchase face paint.
  • Laurie & Kristen will arrive by 8:30 to set up the tent (blocking off the area with cones the night before was suggested).

Executive Session

The Trustees went into Executive Session to discuss the annual performance evaluation of Library Director.

Next Meeting
There will be no Trustees’ meeting in July, the next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 3 at 6:30 p.m.  

Planning and survey development for the Strategic Planning Process will be a major item on the agenda.


Respectfully submitted,
June 6, 2017

Laurie Dana, Secretary

2017 August Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustees

August 3, 2017   6:30 pm

Minutes (draft)

Present:  Rebecca Mueller (Library Director), Kristen Hayden-West, Jenna Bisset, Keith Frantz


Treasurer’s Report:

No data currently available from Town Finance Officer for updated information

Motion to move $6,000 from Maintenance to Salary for cleaner salary in FY ’18.  Seconded and approved.


Librarian’s Report:

Very successful summer program: well-attended and well-received

Toilet overflow

Extermination services have been employed to control mice chewing radiant flooring tubes


Conservation Commission Grant Application:

Application being prepared to request fundingfor repair of Library steeple.  The application must include when repairs would commence, scope of work and related costs.

Steeplejack will be visiting library on Friday, August 4 for assessment.


Strategic Plan:

Trustees need to begin strategic plan actions.  Library Director has requested the Lara Keenan, VT Department of Libraries Consultant on Governance and Public Libraries address trustees to provide overview of goals of a strategic plan and approaches to developing one.   Rebecca will invite Lara after she checks on budget presentation dates with Richmond Selectboard.


Trustee Videos:

Trustee videos with various themes are available (e.g., evaluating the library direction, working with Friends, developing policy, etc.) and should be viewed by trustees.  Produced by the American Library Association.

2017 May Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s

Minutes – May 4, 2017


Present: Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Jenna Bisset, and Rebecca Mueller

Absent: Kristen Hayden-West



Laurie called the meeting to order.


April Minutes

Keith moved to accept the April minutes and the motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

Keith reported that for the budget report through the end of March, about 70% of the budget has been expended, and we are 75% through the budget year, so we are in good shape.  He reported that we are over in the salary line item and under in water—see Library Director’s report for more on these items.


Vote for RFL Board Position

Keith nominated Laurie Dana for the position of Board Secretary for the coming year and the motion carried unanimously.


Library Director’s Report

  • To come in line with Town HR policies and Workmen’s Comp rules relating to maintenance staff, the light maintenance worker who has been working for the library for years now needs to be paid as a part-time employee.  His rate of compensation will not change.  $6,000 from the maintenance budget will be moved to the salary line item to address this.
  • The Town has asked employees to update their Job Descriptions in advance of reviewing the Town’s salary schedule.  Rebecca has completed revised job descriptions for all staff and she handed out her revised job description for review.  There were several comments on how her job description has changed, primarily due to the rapid changes in technology and the Library Consortium.
  • The water charge for last month was $100 less due to the discovery and correction of several leaks including a toilet that was running, a dripping faucet and a leak in the radiant floor heating where mice have chewed through the rubber.
  • Rebecca will be contracting with a company to get the mouse issue under control by setting bait traps in the crawl spaces.
  • Library staff attended a training on April 17, which was supposed to provide information on how to recognize and deal with those who might have mental health or other issues.  The training content was not as expected but some information was gained.  There is a training planned for staff on what to do in an “active shooter” scenario.
  • Summer programming is set and will be GREAT!
  • Rebecca has received 2 bids for replacing the carpeting in the stairway, back of community room and two youth spaces.  She and the staff are in the process of selecting carpets & colors.


Conservation Fund

Judy Rusovski (spelling?) recently spoke to Rebecca to encourage the library to apply for Conservation Funds to for part of the roof repair work and assured her that “not all” of the funds were spent on the Andrews land.  Jenna commented that we should move forward on this quickly since we had been “invited” to apply.  Laurie will talk with Kristen Hayden-West about contacting Judy and then working with Jen from the library staff to draft a request.  Trustees felt that we should apply for funding to do the work on the Steeple (at least repair of trim and unstable elements) and draw from Jan’s assessment and pricing to prepare the request.


Strategic Plan for 2018-2020

Ellen reported she had done some research on other library strategic plans and showed us a sample of an info-graphic style plan from the Norwich Library which Trustees felt was an interesting approach.  Laurie reviewed some of the steps that went into the last Strategic Planning process.  The Trustees felt that this process could be somewhat streamlined from the last time and are in favor of a Survey that could be available as a Survey Monkey online as well as in hard copy.  It should be advertised in Front Porch Forum, Times Ink, on the Library website and at other venues (Farmers Market table?  July 4th table?).  There was some discussion about simplifying the questions and shortening the survey.  The next step could be a focus group or community meeting to present and discuss the results of the survey.  Laurie will find and share the survey from last time with the Trustees and further discussion will take place at the June meeting.


July 4

The Trustee’s “usual” practice of having a water and book sale on the lawn was described for Jenna.  There was some discussion about Trustees marching in the parade (with or without a float) perhaps in costume.  Several trustees were interested in pursuing this discussion.


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Richmond Free Library Trustees will be Thursday, June 1.  Note there will be no Library Trustee’s meeting in July due to July 4th outreach effort.


Agenda items:
Report back on Conservation Fund application status

July 4th planning

Strategic Planning process, review and rewrite community survey


Respectfully submitted,

May 5, 2017

Laurie Dana, Secretary