The Richmond Free Library, located in Richmond, Vermont,  provides resources and experiences that inspire, inform, entertain, and connect members of the community throughout their lives.   


RFL Library Trustee Offices

1. Chair
– Set agenda with Librarian
– Facilitate meeting
– Ensure compliance with laws and policies and strategic plan
– Provide support to librarian as needed.
– Ensure that trustees feel engaged and useful.
– Breaks a tie

2. Treasurer (re-designed)
– sign off on bills at Library Directors request.
– reports to Board twice a year on discretionary money available through RFLD inc. and Friends.
– Keep track of any funds Trustees bring in for RFLD inc.
– Serve on RFLD board.
– Informs Chair of financial issues that need to be on the Agenda

3. Secretary
– Take notes at meetings and disseminate.
– Review minutes of previous meeting.  Make sure notes get approved and posted online.
– Handle correspondence Trustee correspondence.

4. PR Coordinator (new)
– Marketing for trustee events.
– PR pieces for Times Inc./facebook/web page
– Posters, etc.
– Inform Chair of PR conversations that should be on Agenda

5. Building and Grounds Coordinator (new)
– Maintain list of necessary projects
– Inform Chair of issues that need to be on agenda/discussed.
– Assist Library Director with contacting contractors/getting quotes.

Library Director
– Works with Chair to design Board Meeting Agenda
– Provides library update, data, information
– Informs conversation but does not vote.


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