2018 November Minutes

Richmond Free Library

Trustee Meeting

November 1, 2018


Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Ellen Crary, Rebecca Mueller, and Jeff Forward

Absent: Jenna Bisset, Jana Brown


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Proposal

Jeff Forward, the town Energy Coordinator, presented a plan to install a level-two charging station for electric vehicles (Current plan two vehicles per station with option to expand in the future) that will be tied into the library’s electric grid.  Jeff expressed that by placing the charging stations in town it would help with economic development and advertise electric vehicles.  Jeff stated that the library parking lot had already been chosen as the most viable option between Waterbury and Williston.  He presented the board and Rebecca with a map of three proposed locations; 1) the two front spots closest to the steps, 2) An added two parking spots perpendicular to the library in the back lawn and 3) in the farthest part of the lot.  Jeff stated that spots two and three were the least desirable and most expensive options because the electrical line would be longer and thus cost more.  He also again mentioned that he felt strongly that the electric vehicle charging locations should be both convientend and prominent therefore promoting and educating about electric vehicles at that #1 was the best spot.  While the board agreed with a prominent and convenient location, there were concerns expressed about the front two spots taken over as those are used with people with less mobility, families with small children, and people using the space for loading and unloading.  Jeff agreed that those prime parking spots would not be the location of the new charging station.   It was discussed and suggested that the charging station would be placed next to the police parking spots.  This would all be paid for and maintained by a grant from the state as well as fees reimbursed while people charge.


Library Building Urgent Repairs

Several repairs have become urgent- the most notable being the tubing for radiant heat as well as the boiler.  Fixing it is not an option for various reasons most notably that it would not be the most cost effective way to heat the building.  Rebecca will get three quotes from various providers (suggestions from Jeff Forward include Marshals, Chuck’s Heating and Mountain Air).  Rebecca will then present the quotes to the town and have the town hire and pay for the new heating system as soon as possible.  In the meantime, the library will do the weatherization updates mentioned in the town building plan that was done by Breadloaf.  These updates include; weatherization of the windows, vapor barrier and items related to code issues.


Minutes Approved

Minutes from the October meeting were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Keith presented the treasurer’s report. Fiscal year 2019 was short by $2100 total due to amended  social security and retirement as well as the opt out amount was more than anticipated. As of now, salary line item is ok but last year it was over budget. Rebecca will montiter that.

Auditors made accrual to actual budget amounts for the FY 2018 budget.

2020 budget errors were fixed. This was mostly because of the opt out health insurance amounts. The recommended salary line was decreased (time did not increase). The current currier grant for inter library loans needs to be monitored. This will help keep the postage line item within the budget.

3.23% overall increase of $7200 will be resubmitted.


Librarian’s Report

Rebecca sent an email with the library report to trustees before the meeting. The most pressing item was an unexpected but necessary elevator repair for $1100.



Halloween was a great success. There was a well attended and enjoyed costume parade during the day for younger children. The reopening of the coffee and tea table was a welcomed addition.


Holiday Market

Trustees will not set up a table for the event on December 1st.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Crary



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