2018 December Minutes

Richmond Free Library

Trustees December 6, 2018 – 6:30-8 p.m.



  • VoteApprove November minutes

Motion to approve minutes by Keith.  Second by Jenna.  Unanimously approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report

Keith delivered the treasurer’s report.  Financials are up to date through November, 42% of budget. 71% of revenue.  Review of various line items and discussion.  Budget over in some areas like maintenance and books.


Discussion of the use of reserve funds to make recommended fixes to the library windows.


  • Revised 2019 Budget and updated 2020 Budget submission
  • Librarian’s Report

Wild Nature Series: 2 sessions held so far and attendance has been high. 60-70 people for each session.


3” of water in the basement.  GFI outlet needs to be replaced so sump pump will run normally.


Circulation desk redesign process moving forward.  Lights in the community room will be cleaned and the bulbs replaced.


RiseVT, 2 new passes: pass to Catamount, and a pass to Sleepy Hollow.  Storage shed for things like bikes and snowshoes, etc. if the library moves forward with obtaining these items.


Asking friends of the library to buy 12 more comfortable meeting chairs for use in the lounge, music rooms, etc.

  • Review current library policies (postponed in October)

Discussion of reviewing children visitor policy.

  • Review Trustees website information & clarify posting procedures

Update officer information.  Update of address and contact information.  Discussion of taking street addresses off the website.  Jana and Jenna (and perhaps others?) indicated they would prefer that their street address not be listed.  Some minutes appear to be missing from the website.

  • Planning for Library Volunteers’ Luncheon 12-2PM, set up at 11AM. Dedicating the lounge to Eileen Buxton to take place at this time, family to be invited.  Invite the selectboard liaison Christie Witters.  Friends of the Library are also invited.


Jana to bring macaroni and cheese.  Other trustees to sign up for food.  Approx. 30 people to attend.


Gift cards for volunteers.  Thank you cards from the trustees.


  • Recruiting Trustee candidates with financial background

Front porch forum posting.  Individual outreach.  Update the treasurer position requirements on the library website.


  • Discuss “Action Steps” for Goal #2:

EXPERIENCES: The library plans to host activities that reach out to a broad spectrum of people to address the interests and needs of all community members.

Computer room brings a good cross section of the community in to the library. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:54PM.


   Upcoming Dates: 

Thurs., Jan. 3 – Trustee’s Meeting

Sun., Jan. 27 — Library Volunteers’ Luncheon

Fri. & Sat., Feb. 15 & 16 – Friends of RFL Booksale



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