2018 September Minutes

Richmond Free Library

Trustees Meeting

September 6, 2018

Present: Jenna Bisset, Laurie Dana, Jana Brown, and Ellen Crary.

Absent: Keith Franz and Rebecca Mueller


Minutes Approved

Minutes from the August meeting were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report

No report available, Treasurer absent.


Librarian’s Report

Although Rebecca was absent, she sent an email briefly updating trustees on the library.  Rebecca stated that it was a very busy summer at the library and things have even picked up lately.  Playgroup, Part 2 and home visits have begun and exciting speakers have been booked for this winter.


2020 Budget Planning (cont from Aug meeting)

Any budget increase of more that 2% needs to be in writing to the town.  Book budget was increased $2000 as discussed.  Trustees would like clarification on the other increases in 2018 and FY 2019 for the salary, health insurance, and retirement line items.  All others seem on par with regular annual increases.

Via email to Laurie, Rebecca mentioned that managing community space is adding to staff time as is the increase on community outreach projects such as Part 2 and Home Visits. Laurie has sent out a letter to help with clarification on these items.


Town Facilities Plan Update

No trustee was able to make the recent selectboard meeting. Laurie will reach out to Christie Witters, Library selectboard liaison, to see if the selectboard has come up with a next step on implementing the update.


Strategic Action Plan- Item Five, Engagement

“The library will provide positive supportive interactions with all library visitors”

  • Trustees agree that changing the layout of the front desk to better greet the front doors will hugely improve staff’s ability to interact with patrons. Trustees discussed getting another contractor to draw up plans that might have more creative solutions to provide space as well as security for staff and the library.
  • Trustees thought that it would be beneficial if an outside group came in and did customer service training for all library staff.
  • Trustees felt that it would help library staff to have a specific job description for all volunteers that included specific skills necessary for performing the job in a helpful way. This would especially include a contract for junior volunteers.
  • Trustees brought up that, possibly when the new layout is set up, there should a suggestions/ feedbox available to patrons. Trustees also suggested that there be a website space added for this feedback.


Move to Adjourn unanimously approved.


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