2018 May Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2018
Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Rebecca Muller, Jana Brown, Ellen Crary
Absent: Jenna Bisset
Minutes from April Meeting- The minutes from April 12 meeting were approved.
Treasurer’s Report- There was no report available due to the Town Office not having them
available. It was brought up that the check deposits were still being sent in once a month as
there are not enough to be deposited every other week as per the auditor’s recommendation.
Librarian’s Report-
Rebecca reports that there has been a lot of “weeding” of books because the stacks are too full.
They are doing this based on circulation and it includes many Audio CDs. Discarded books and
CDs go in the book sale although the good Audio CD cases will be reused.
The summer programming is scheduled and the Friends have been asked for cash to support it.
Contractors for a new secure front door and people to do the sign have been called but they
have been too busy or are not getting back to Rebecca. Rebecca and Laurie will call a couple
more people.
Evolving Landscape ongoing art installation activity has been great and well received.
Protest Art by Coop Students that was inspired by Katherine Paterson’s book Bread and Roses
is up.
The June 5th Katherine Paterson event is anticipated to be full ticketed capacity. Rebecca
states that they will be 100 tickets available.
The State Fire Marshal came and checked out the back stairs in the meeting room. He stated
that it met code and would not need a gate.
Strategic Plan-
Laurie brought in a draft of the layout with photos and words from the strategic plan. She found
another layout example she prefered and would email it out to us (done before minutes
finished!) She stated that there were a lot of good photos that could be used. She is hoping the
final draft of the Strategic Plan will be one page.
It was discussed that we should have a trustee who is a liaison to the Friends of the Library.
Everyone agreed that this would be beneficial to both groups. It was agreed that Jana Brown
would be the Liaison to the Friends.
Jana and Laurie both attended the Vermont Trustee Regional Training that was held at the
Ilsley Library in Middlebury. They were impressed at how well it was run and how high the
attendance was (36 people). Several takeaways were shared at the meeting. One was that
there is a lot of information on laws in regards to privacy and the responsibility of the Library to
protect it. Another takeaway was the issue of excess budget. In one town’s Town Meeting, a
law passed that the library’s excess budget went into its reserve. The trustees discussed that
this would greatly benefit our library and the money could be used for building and operating
costs. An example that Rebecca used is that she could use this for the order for new computers
she is putting in. Laurie and Jana also learned more about how volunteers, while working in the
public space of the library, are expected to be like librarians. The trustees discussed that it
might be a good idea that there is a sign at the circulation desk when a volunteer is working at it.
Finally, it was mentioned that the trustees perhaps should have name tags to wear when we are
in the library or when we are at public events and volunteering for the library (Fourth of July etc).
It was discussed and agreed that future meetings will begin with one of the information trustee
training videos that are about the roles and responsibilities of a Library Trustee. This will be
added to the agenda starting this June. Our next agendas for the rest of the year will also each
revisit and revise one of the bullets on the strategic plan.
The trustees discussed ideas on how to come up with programming that attracted a more
diverse audience to bring them into the library. It was suggested that there be a program on
Financial Literacy. Other ideas include; digital citizenship, digital privacy, the roll of the library in
a democracy and in communities.
Respectfully Submitted,
Ellen Crary


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