2018 January Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting

Minutes, Thursday, January 18, 2018


Present: Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Kristen Hayden-West

Absent:  Keith Franz, Rebecca Mueller

Minutes approved

Minutes from the December 7 meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report will be provided at the February meeting.

Library Director’s Report

Trustees reviewed the items provided by Rebecca in an email as her report.

  • Bill for sewer pipe flush & repair came in at a very reasonable $312.!!!
  • Ryan McCardle completed tear out and replacement of moldy walls in the basement where it got wet.   He also painted.   Very nice job and also reasonable.
  • Jennifer Esser has started programming at the Part 2 afterschool program.  She’s leading a program every Wednesday.
  • The “Art of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock” program from Vermont Humanities Council was a moderate success.  (Held December 13)
  • We decorated the walls with Christmas Tree art  during December.   Individuals took either cutout or coloring design to decorate and then return to library for display.  Kids and adults participated.
  • Raffle was not quite as successful as last year, though we did raise $240.    Our hope was to raise $456 amount necessary to fully fund another babysitting certification course for up to 12 through the Rescue Squad.   We will approach Friends for the difference or take from Programming budget.  Discussion:  Trustees felt that this could be in part that the raffle baskets were not displayed and available to buy tickets during the Holiday Market this year.

Kristen presented a concern from Rebecca on her behalf.  Rebecca feels that membership fees for non-Richmond residents should go into the Library budget and not the Town’s General Fund as it is now.  She feels,  and the Trustees agreed, that this money should go into the budget and be added to the Materials Purchase line item.  The Trustees have added this to the agenda for the next meeting.

Volunteer Brunch

The annual Volunteer Brunch will take place on Sunday, February 4.  Trustees will arrive around 11-11:30 to set up and the brunch takes place from 12-1:30.

  1. Volunteer Gifts – Ellen will buy small bags, Kristen will provide caramels, we would like to provide gift certificates to the Richmond Market (Rebecca?)
  2. Flowers – Rebecca or Laurie will contact Recycled Flowers for 6-7 centerpieces.
  3. Tablecloths – Trustees will bring tablecloths
  4. Food
    • Rebecca – Meatballs
    • Kristen – Fruit Salad
    • Ellen – Coffee and juice
    • Jenna – Pasta salad


  • Laurie – baked goods (muffin or quick bread)
  • Rebecca – Can you publicize this and check with staff regarding other items to bring?


Candidates for March Election

We believe there will be two candidates for the March opening on the Library Board of Trustees– Jana Brown and Kate Krieder.

Book Sale

Friends of the RFL Book Sale will be held on Feb. 16 (evening) and Feb. 17 (daytime).  Trustees were encouraged to sign up to volunteer and to encourage donation of appropriate books.


Strategic Plan


The Trustees spent most of the meeting working on the public wording of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 in an effort to express our intention in clearer and more engaging language.  The attached document (Strategic Plan – Public Document DRAFT). represents the results of this discussion (the original language is preserved at the bottom of this document for comparison).


Additional Section – Trustees agreed that section represented by Environment needed to be divided into two and that the idea of enhanced “service” should be a separate item.  This discussion will be the focus of the February Trustees meeting.


March Town Meeting

We hope to have the revised Strategic Plan ready to distribute at the March 6 Town Meeting.  Laurie will work with Library staff to locate or take appropriate photos to illustrate the plan.


Trustee Meetings

The next trustee meeting will be held Thursday, February 1 at 6:30.  This will be Kristen’s last meeting. The Trustees meeting schedule will return to the first Thursday of the month as the temporary conflict has been resolved.


Agenda for Feb. 1 Meeting

1st ½ hour:

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Discussion of Library members’ fees going to Library Budget
  • Short Library Director’s report (it was suggested that items be sent as an email and discussion of items would be “as needed”)
  • Planning for Town Meeting presentation

Remainder of the meeting:

  • Discussions of proposed item #5 in the Strategic Plan.
  • Vote on the revised Strategic Plan


Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Dana, Secretary
Richmond Board of Trustees

Monday, January 22, 2018


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