2017 November Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting

Minutes, Monday, November 6

Present: Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Rebecca Mueller

Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report – Keith Franz

  • Error from electric bill corrected.  Library & Water Dept bills were accidentally switched.
  • Financial reports for the previous month will be delayed.  The Town’s Financial Director doesn’t receive end of month data in sufficient time before trustee meetings at the beginning of the month.

Library Director’s Report – Rebecca Mueller

  • Soup & Stories program was very successful and Rebecca suggests doing it again, perhaps at the same time of the next Church rummage sale.
  • Wendy has set up the free hot beverage table
  • Rebecca has arranged for walls with mold in the basement to be removed and replaced.   Source of water has been addressed and basement is dry.
  • Two Vermont Humanities Council presentations will be held.  In November, “Rosie’s Mom: Women in WWI,” in December, “Suspense of Alfred Hitchcock.”

Holiday Market, December 2

Trustees will not reserve a table.  Library will put out informational display, have hand-outs, and put raffles.

Letter of Appeal Fundraising

Letters requesting funds should be delayed until strategic plan is developed and requests can mention specific needs.  Also, there is a lot of competition with other appeal letters in November and December.

Trustee Vacancy

    Kristen’s term ends in March 2018.   Possible new members should be identified and perhaps solicited.   A petition must be filed with the Town Clerk by (approximate) January 25 in order to be placed on the ballot.

Strategic Plan Discussion

    Trustees shared Strategic Plan presentations (e.g., Norwich Library, Charlotte Library, Phoenix (AZ), Winnipeg, Chattanooga, and provided links to others.

The most important part of developing a strategic plan is not to develop a laundry list of suggestions, but to consider what concepts will guide the library in the coming years.  These concepts should be broad yet clear.   The following two strategic concepts were identified:


  1. WELCOME:  The library will work toward improving the perception and sensation of feeling welcome at the Richmond Free Library.   We will identify physical changes, both inside and out that help visitors feel welcome and make our space more accessible.  In addition to visual and physical cues of welcome, the library will continue to try to reach out to residents that may be reluctant to visit the library for various reasons.  Staff will maintain a welcoming manner at all times.


Examples:  reconfigure service desk, enhance signage, design and construct outdoor space for patrons and programs, improve furnishings where possible.


  1. PARTNER:  The library will actively partner and collaborate with other organizations in the community in an intentional manner and embrace change and innovative actions that are responsive to community needs.

Examples:  AARP (tax returns), programs with Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, promote financial empowerment through various means (Money Smart programs), find ways to respond to indicated citizen preferences as indicated in Town Plan,

Next Meeting:

The next trustee meeting will be held Monday, December 4, at 6-8:30 PM.  It is hoped that trustees can make significant progress on the major concepts of strategic plan.  After those goals have been iterated, we can discuss how to format the plan (e.g., length, selected graphics, font, etc.)

Adjourned, 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,
November 10, 2017

Rebecca Mueller, Librarian


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