2017 June Minutes

Richmond Free Library
Trustees Meeting

Minutes, June 1, 2017

Present: Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary, Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Rebecca Mueller

May Minutes

Keith moved to approve the May minutes, which were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Keith Reported that the budget is in good shape for the year.  In particular, the projected income from Community Room fees is well above the $6,000 projection – currently $8,700 with another $1,252 being deposited soon.

Rebecca observed that we are under in postage due to a grant received to provide courier services for inter-library loan deliveries and pick ups.  This is working well.

We have spent $6,700 of the $8,000 added to Capital Reserve for this year.


  • Director’s Report


  • Rebecca reported that she has an estimate of $950 to replace the linoleum in the downstairs bathroom.
  • She has three bids for replacement of carpeting in stairway and landings, back section of the Community Room and two youth rooms.  Best bid is $11,189 from Flooring America.
  • Rebecca will contact Geoff Urbanik regarding when he will be putting out the town-wide building assessment work to bid.  This was requested by the Selectboard but the Trustees wanted to make sure he understands that this is an important priority for the Library Trustees.
  • The elevator did not pass inspection as they are requiring that we remove the smoke detector at the top of the elevator shaft.  Rebecca is inquiring about the reasoning but has been told that this is a recent change to code and the elevator is in violation.
  • Rebecca reports that she will be replacing the printer in the resource room and plans to use money in the “copier fund” to do this.
  • She commented that there have been many building maintenance issues during FY17 including the light fixture fire, 2 water leaks, mice damaging the radiant heat, replacement of the concrete stairs and the bathroom fix.
  • Summer programming for children is all in place and should be exciting.
  • There are a couple of “Little Free Libraries” being added in Richmond—one is planned for a neighborhood and one for Volunteers’ Green.
  • Rentals of the Community Room are keeping Rebecca and Wendy very busy and they have to make more judgement calls on fees based on whether the use fits the library’s mission, fulfills a community need or is a marketing or for-profit venture.
  • Rebecca would still like to reconfigure the circulation desk.

Conservation Fund Application

Kristen would like to set a deadline to have a request in to the Conservation Fund to finance at least the steeple repair portion of the roof replacement.  She will work on this project using the cost estimates from previous room assessments.

Strategic Planning

The Trustees envision that the next 3-year Library strategic planning project starts in earnest in September and should be completed by December 2017.  Laurie or Kristen will share the survey questions from the last Strategic Planning cycle and August Trustees agenda will include rewriting and/or simplifying those questions.  Ellen will look for the results of the Town-Wide strategic planning process in order to inform this work.  Trustees were asked to approach a few people to get their input into what questions should be asked.

July 4th plan

Trustees will again have a tent and table at the 4th of July festivities.  We will sell water and books.

  • Staff will pull a selection of books, with a particular emphasis on children’s books.  Kristen suggested posting a request for children’s book donations for this effort on Front Porch Forum.
  • Keith will purchase water – with the amount based on the weather prediction.
  • Laurie will round up coolers for ice
  • Ellen will bring (or lend) her wagon
  • Kristen will take care of getting ice and will bring the tent
  • Jenna offered to do face painting at the table and will purchase face paint.
  • Laurie & Kristen will arrive by 8:30 to set up the tent (blocking off the area with cones the night before was suggested).

Executive Session

The Trustees went into Executive Session to discuss the annual performance evaluation of Library Director.

Next Meeting
There will be no Trustees’ meeting in July, the next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 3 at 6:30 p.m.  

Planning and survey development for the Strategic Planning Process will be a major item on the agenda.


Respectfully submitted,
June 6, 2017

Laurie Dana, Secretary


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