2017 August Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustees

August 3, 2017   6:30 pm

Minutes (draft)

Present:  Rebecca Mueller (Library Director), Kristen Hayden-West, Jenna Bisset, Keith Frantz


Treasurer’s Report:

No data currently available from Town Finance Officer for updated information

Motion to move $6,000 from Maintenance to Salary for cleaner salary in FY ’18.  Seconded and approved.


Librarian’s Report:

Very successful summer program: well-attended and well-received

Toilet overflow

Extermination services have been employed to control mice chewing radiant flooring tubes


Conservation Commission Grant Application:

Application being prepared to request fundingfor repair of Library steeple.  The application must include when repairs would commence, scope of work and related costs.

Steeplejack will be visiting library on Friday, August 4 for assessment.


Strategic Plan:

Trustees need to begin strategic plan actions.  Library Director has requested the Lara Keenan, VT Department of Libraries Consultant on Governance and Public Libraries address trustees to provide overview of goals of a strategic plan and approaches to developing one.   Rebecca will invite Lara after she checks on budget presentation dates with Richmond Selectboard.


Trustee Videos:

Trustee videos with various themes are available (e.g., evaluating the library direction, working with Friends, developing policy, etc.) and should be viewed by trustees.  Produced by the American Library Association.


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