2017 April Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s Minutes

April 6, 2017

6:00-7:30 PM

Present – Rebecca Mueller, Kristen Hayden-West, Jenna Bisset, Ellen Crary

Absent- Keith Frantz, Laurie Dana

The meeting was called to order. A quorum was reached with three trustees present.

  1. The trustees agreed to discuss Goal Priorities in the coming year when more trustees were present.
  2. March minutes were approved.
  3. Treasurer was absent, so no treasurer report.
  4. Reallocation of portion of funds from maintenance to salary was discussed and approved.  This was done to adhere to labor law, worker’s comp, etc stating that the cleaner must be an employee.
  5. Officers elected to chair, treasurer, secretary.  It was decided that Jenna and Kristen would act as co-chairs during a transition period of approximately six months when Jenna would take on full responsibility.  Keith was officially nominated to continue as treasurer.  Vote for secretary delayed until May.
  6. Richmond Free Library Trustees Monthly Planning Calendar was clarified and edited.
  7. Trustee meeting start time was discussed.  It was agreed upon that, starting in May, the start time will be 6:30 pm and go to approximately 8:00 pm.
  8. It was agreed that Strategic Plan activities would be delayed this month until more trustees were present and placed on the June agenda.  In the meantime, trustees will research strategic plans from other states and towns with similar demographics.  Examples of places that have good library strategic plans in place are Colorado and Colchester.  This information can be found on the internet.
  9. Rebecca said that conservation money was still available and encouraged us to apply for it as soon as possible.  Accurate and more specific cost estimates were still needed on the roof and steeple before moving forward.  It was discussed that, should the funds become available, they could also be used to repair part of the roof as well as repair rot on the trim on the north side of the library that is caused by the overhanging trees from the cemetery.  Rebecca will look at numbers again.  It was agreed that the roof is the best possible use of the conservation funds.  It was discussed who wants to write the application proposal.  The trustees will review the documents that Rebecca has for conservation assessment.  Rebecca will send the information and bring it to the May meeting so we can have a more informed meeting in May.
  10. Carpet replacement is still expected.  Bids are still being collected.  It was discussed that this would be paid for from the capital reserve.
  11. Agenda prepared for next meeting.  This includes: discussing goal priorities, vote for secretary, strategic plan discussion and research, conservation money.
  12. The town of Bolton has stopped reimbursing its residents for the library fees so that they can access Richmond Free Library.  The current amount charged is $35/family.  Rebecca mentioned that the Healthcare movie coming up was of high interest.  The New Baby Tea was a big success and that there are so many other great events happening at the library.

Ellen Crary


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