2016 February Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s Meeting

Minutes – February 4, 2016


Kristen, Keith, Cammy, Rebecca, Karen

 Facilitated by Cammy


  • January minutes – approved.
  • Library Director’s report
    • Courier service begun as a pilot. State picking up 50% of tab. Our cost $350/annum.  Will be billed monthly.  Service comes on Wednesdays.  Picks up bin from RFL and drops off requests from other libraries.
    • Upcoming Programs:
      • Liz Perkins, Richmond: Home remedies for Medicine cabinet.
      • Clear Toxic products out of your Medicine cabinet.
      • Meditation through Movement class.
    • Have had to get tougher with kids hanging out in mezzanine. Two warnings and asked to leave..
    • Sarah organizing the “Blind Date with a Book” campaign. People can choose a wrapped surprise book.
    • Humanities Book Set and Programs: Shackleton’s and the Endurance. Videos, books, presentations.
    • Ordering new style of library cards. Less work for staff.
    • Annual appeal $2,785 to date. 30-35 donations.  Still trickling in.
      • Cost was $768. Postage was .29/letter.
      • Will put on August agenda to discuss 2016 letter.
  • Treasurer’s report
    • Have numbers through December. 6 months into the year spending is at 49% of annual budget.
    • Revenues at 100% already.
    • Retirement expenditures are over. Evens up with salary.
  • Booksale:
    • Getting raffle items together.
      • Nice items coming in.
      • Trustees allowed to by tickets.
    • People are signing up for work slots.
    • Company will pay $300 for all leftovers.
  • Hinesburg Public House Dinner – 67 reservations. Final numbers not in.
  • Presented Karen with Thank You card and gift.
    • Karen exited before policy discussion,.
  • Vote on the finalized Bill Payment policy so that this policy can be added.
  • Keith, Kristen and Cammy reviewed edited “Expenditures of Library Funds” policy. Does not require that bills be reviewed before the warrant is created.
  • Two trustees will sign the warrant and review bills expenditures at that time.
  • List of expenditures will be available at library for all trustees to view.
  • RFL Policies annual review and approval.
    • Revised phrasing of Trustee/Library Director roles to state that they will “oversee” library building and collections.  Will refer major repairs and capital improvement needs to Select-board.  (See exact wording in document to be forwarded by Rebecca.)
    • Amended Chair responsibilities.
  • Cammy – Suggested that we meet every other month.
    • Will leave the meeting frequency the same in the policy, but will schedule six meetings a year unless more frequent meetings are necessary.
  • Policies were approved by all 3 trustees present.
  • Volunteer Recognition Lunch – April 3rd
    • Cammy unable to attend

March Agenda – Kristen will facilitate

  • Rebecca will not be in attendance
  • Greet new trustee
  • Plan brunch
  • Booksale report out
  • Discuss spring repair/capital projects.


  • no meeting. Volunteer Brunch.


  • Spending of Capital Reserve

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