2016 January Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s

Minutes – January 4, 2016


Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, and Karen Tufano.

Absent: Cammi Richelli and Rebecca Mueller


Minutes of November Meeting

The Board approved the minutes of the December meeting unanimously.


Library Director’s Report

  • The Holiday Basket raffle raised $478 and this money funded purchase of new DVDs.
  • There have been issues with one of the curtain rods in the Community Room, the quote from the original installers was quite a bit so they are trying a heavy-duty one from Rags & Riches.
  • The Annual Appeal has raised $2,500 to date and the cost for the appeal was $768.
  • The Annual Report, which was circulated via email, has been submitted. Trustees unanimously felt that it was a very interesting and well-written report.
  • Rebecca has purchased and picked up some tables from the Waterbury Library. There are two more desks that she would like to get but needs to find someone with a truck to pick up.
  • The Friends book sale will take place on February 12 & 13.
  • The Community Dinner at the Hinesburg Pub to benefit RFL will take place on February 2.


Annual Volunteer Recognition Brunch

Based on the fact that there are two big events the first week of February, the Trustees proposed moving the Brunch to the first Sunday in March – March 6. We will need to make sure that the Community Room is free that day and then will move ahead with plans.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith distributed the November Budget Status Report and that there are no areas of concern. He observed that we have already made our revenue goal for the year.
  • Keith reported that of the $8,000 added to capital reserve for this year, $4,300 has been spent (primarily for refinishing the community room floor).
  • Kristen asked whether the new “bill paying” system is working. Keith replied that it has been fine so far.
  • Laurie moved to approve the orders “warrants” of 12/22/15 and 1/6/16 and the Trustees approved those warrants unanimously.


Finalize new “Bill Approval and Payment” Policy

Trustees reviewed Rebecca’s draft of a new policy and did some minor rewrites. The policy as it is proposed reads:


Richmond Free Library
Bill Approval and Payment Policy

 In accordance with 22 V.S.A. $ 143, Richmond Free Library Trustees have the power to write orders to the Town Treasurer on the library accounts, to accept gifts on behalf of the municipal public library, as well as the authority to decide how the money is to be spent.

Invoices and other requests for payment, accompanied by appropriate documentation and designation of accounts to be used, will be reviewed and initialed by the Treasurer of the Richmond Free Library Trustees. In the absence of the Treasurer, another Trustee will assume this responsibility.

Once warrants are prepared, at least two Library Trustees must examine and allow claims indicated on the warrants against library funds for library expenses and authorize the Town Treasurer to draw orders for such claims to the party entitled to payment. Orders shall state the purpose for which they are drawn and shall serve as full authority to the Town Treasurer to make the payments. A record of the orders will be presented and approved by the Library Trustees at their next meeting.


Keith will check with Geoff about whether the Trustees must actually vote (and indicate in their minutes) that the orders were approved. Final approval of this policy will take place at the February meeting at which time all RFL Policies will be reviewed and approved.


Trustees Responsibilities at the Community Dinner on February 2.

Kristen asked whether there were responsibilities that the Trustees should take on as part of the Community Dinner fundraiser on Feb. 2. Trustees discussed at least attending and perhaps inviting friends to join them. There will be posters indicating that the evening’s dinner will benefit RFL but Kristen wondered if there should be “greeters” from the Friends or Trustees at the door during the dinner. Karen will ask about what is expected or allowed by the Hinesburg Pub.


Library Trustees Vacancy

To date there is no one who has indicated an interest in running for the vacancy on the Richmond Free Library Trustees, now that Karen is not going to run again. Kristen posted the information on Front Porch Forum and had no response, Laurie will post it again. Trustees were encouraged to make personal asks of people who they think might be a good fit. There was discussion about looking for a “younger” individual (20 or 30-year-old) for the slot. If no one steps up and is able to collect signatures by the ballot deadline, they could run as a write-in candidate or the Trustees can make a one-year appointment. It was suggested that the Library staff be asked if they know of anyone they feel might be good. They or one of the Trustees could make a personal ask of them.


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Richmond Free Library Trustees will be Thursday, February, 4 2016.


Agenda Items:

  • Trustees are asked to review the current RFL Policies prior to the meeting so that the annual review and approval can take place. A vote on the finalized Bill Payment policy will also take place so that this policy can be added.
  • Planning for the Volunteer Recognition Lunch
  • Update on Friends Book Sale


Respectfully submitted,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Laurie

January 9, 2016

Laurie Dana, Secretary


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