2015 November Minutes


Richmond Free Library Trustees Meeting

November 12, 2015

6-7:30pm, Richmond Free Library


Approve October Minutes

  • Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report

  • On budget
  • Retirement a bit high

Librarian’s Report

– Courier Pilot Project

– Book courier system,

Contracting with Green Mtn Courier to p/u and drop book. State will underwrite 50%. Once a week for 6 months will be $339. Can also transport other items. Bins and mailing bags provided, GMC sorts. Will start in January.

– Ashgate grant award

– Wendy wrote grant to Ashgate grant, received $600 for “playaways”. Putting together list of children’s and YA books.

– Annual Appeal Letter

– Rebecca revised. Donation slip included.

– Have spreadsheet of grand list.

– R. requested of Janet Bonneau an estimate of 2000 letters, slips, envelopes.

– Raffle Basket Project

– Sarah’s project: Baskets of goodies geared to different themes. People will buy raffle tickets for baskets to be drawn 1 week before Christmas.

– Report on Library Staff Retreat

– Everybody had valuable contributions and ideas.

– Wide open input.

– People arrived prepared with questions and ideas.

– Many ideas about the reuse of space to enhance the library.

– Friends will send Rebecca to mid-Winter library conference.

Trustees (and staff) pushed for getting table and chairs for mezzanine.

Select board budget draft is as Trustees proposed.

Bill Approval/Payment Policy

  • Back story
  • Report on Kristen’s Meeting with Taylor
  • Discussion of alternative bill approval policies
  • Possible vote on bill approval/payment policy
    • Finally agreed that postage bill can be paid.
    • What process will we use to get bill’s approved and paid. Needs to be in formal policy?
    • We need to clarify who owns what part of the building?
    • Who should get the money from Community Room rental?
    • Geoff is conferring with town lawyer.

Report on Trustee Conference

  • Lots of Science, Technology presentations/activities in VT libraries
  • Intellectual Freedom and access to free speech.

Holiday Fair involvement (if any)

  • Yes, probably combined with Friends.


December Agenda.

  • Deciding on bill paying policy.
  • Invite David
  • Update on Friends meeting
  • Priorities for 2016 – use staff retreat ideas
  • Keith facilitate, Karen will take minutes.




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