2015 October Minutes

RFL Trustee Meeting 10/1/15

Present: K. Tufano, L. Dana, R. Mueller, K. Hayden-West, C. Richelli, K. Franz

  1. September minutes were approved
  2. Treasury Report by Keith: The only thing over budget is the revenue! Good news
  3. Directors Report by Rebecca: upcoming budget is up by 10%. Need more funding for maintenance, books, building and reserve. Continue to mention the need for a town wide Building manager.

A new toilet was just installed on the second floor due to recurrent flooding (Thank you to Douglas for all your work cleaning up).

On 10/15 Rebecca will attend a special budget meeting for Capital Projects. Big library projects this year include discussing the roof, sealing the basement and the interior stairwell.

The annual Trustee/Friends Conference is 11/7/15 in Burlington

RFL Trustee minutes can be accessed via the RFL homepage

10/6 the library will close for a staff meeting to discuss the Strategic Plan

Ben and Jerry Foundation Grant was used to build the cabinets in the Community Room.

  1. Appeal Letter: needs to be edited. Plan is to mail it using Bulk mail to all households in Richmond and Bolton by the end of the year
  2. November meeting: a sign up Genie will go around to schedule the next meeting as there wouldn’t be a quorum if we met the usual first Thursday of the month. On the Agenda for November: revisit the Holiday Fair, Budget feedback, staff retreat report
  3. Meeting was adjourned at 7pm

Submitted by Karen Tufano


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