2015 August Minutes


Richmond Free Library Trustee’s Minutes – August 6, 2015


Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammi Richelli, Karen Tufano and Rebecca Mueller


Minutes of June Meeting

The Board approved the Minutes from the June meeting unanimously.


Library Director’s Report

  • Summer programming has gone really well:

— Wendy & LJ planned some fun events for the summer reading program, including a superhero training camp. The program wraps up next week.

— 52 people attended the recent Puppet Show

— 100+ people were at the Very Merry Theater performance at the park

  • Friends of Richmond Free Library have paid for a new DVD/CD cleaner at a cost of about $1,000. It is a model that other libraries have found to be very good.


Librarian’s Building Report

  • The upstairs toilet overflowed and the plumber recommended getting a new toilet. The overflow damaged the ceiling tiles in the office. Rebecca observed that many of the ceiling tiles are stained and probably should be replaced.
  • There is a damp, musty smell in the elevator, which Rebecca believes is coming from the sump that is at the bottom of the shaft. Since there have been drainage corrections to the building, she believes we may not need the sump anymore and that would help with the odor.
  • The air conditioning unit failed and has been repaired and refrigerant added.
  • Rebecca is getting estimates to refinish the floor of the community room (sand and add 3 coats of oil polyurethane). She has received several bids, all in the $3,000 range. She would like to get this done over the Labor Day holiday.
  • Rebecca has asked Richard Saltzman to build a cabinet in the community room to store the folding tables and which would incorporate stairs to the high storage closet as well. There may be space to store some of the playgroup materials currently in the stairway. There was discussion about asking the Friends to fund this work.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Keith presented the final budget results for FY2015. He observed that adjustments should probably be made to the Maintenance, Water & Sewer & Office Supplies line items to match the actual budget needs.
  • Rebecca commented that she wants to increase the request for Books/Media as well.
  • Keith has the detailed printout of individual items for each line item.
  • Rebecca is checking on one $1000 line item in the maintenance budget (P&L)
  • Keith noted that this year $8,000 was added to the Library’s Capital Reserve and $13,000 was spent, so we spent $4,000 of the actual reserve.
  • Keith talked with Geoff Urbanik about the community room fees. This money is added together with the town rental income (Post Office, School District, etc.) and is used to cover parking lot maintenance, including the recent repaving project.


Town Building Committee

  • Keith reported that the “building” committee has not met again since the first meeting. Geoff did feel that Jan’s building assessment that was forwarded to the members of the committee and Trustees covers most of the information he wanted to have. That report mentions flashing, paint & carpentry fixes as being the current needs.
  • Keith also said that, if we are able to wait on the concrete step replacement, he is willing to add that work into an estimate the town is getting for other concrete projects for next summer. Rebecca felt that Douglas could do some patches to make it through the winter.


July 4th Report

The July 4th water and book sale returned $75.75 to the library. There was some discussion about ways to expand the July 4th effort, perhaps through a joint Friends/Trustees table in the park. Other possibilities included a raffle, informational displays about library services or a “Wi-Fi hot spot.” Friends will talk about this at their next meeting.

Friends Report

Karen reported that the Friends had a recent meeting to elect officers. They have contacted the Hinesburg Tap House about being the beneficiary of one of their Tuesday night fundraisers and have chosen February 2nd for this effort. One idea was to promote this at the Holiday Market and, perhaps, having a silent auction item of a gift certificate for that evening.

Annual Appeal Letter

Cammi offered to write an annual appeal letter to go out during 2015. Content possibilities for that letter were discussed. Rebecca will explore using the Town’s bulk mail permit to do a mailed appeal letter to those who have library cards. This would expand the appeal beyond simply those who receive the email newsletter.

Library Inquiry

Rebecca reported that she had received an inquiry about policies around off-duty police officers wearing their weapons into the library. While this has not happened in Richmond, it has happened in other towns where off-duty officers still in uniform are picking up their children. The trustees discussed this but came to no conclusion about whether this needed a “policy.”


Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Richmond Free Library Trustees will be Thursday, September 3 Cammi will facilitate this meeting. Agenda items will include the Annual Appeal Letter and starting to look at the FY17 budget request.




Respectfully submitted, Laurie

August 9, 2015

Laurie Dana, Secretary


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