2015 June Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s

Minutes – June 8, 2015

 Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammy Richelli, Karen Tufano and Rebecca Mueller

Minutes of May Meeting

The Board approved the Minutes from the previous meeting unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Keith reported that he is confident that the Library will end the fiscal year close to the approved budget. While there are overages in some areas, other areas appear to be under the goal. He mentioned that one of the budget areas where we are over—water & sewer—was due to the double hit from a leaking water heater and needing to keep a trickle of water running during the very cold weather. He also observed that the library has a history of coming in under budget in past years.

Keith also reported that the library started the fiscal year with $ 36,000 in the capital reserve fund and another $8,000 should be added during this fiscal year, for a total of $44,000. We have spent $14,000 out of reserve funds, primarily for the roofing work by Headwaters. So we should end the year with $ 30,000 in Capital Reserve.

Keith also mentioned that rental income for all of the town properties (for example, the post office) and including the fees for the use of the Community Room are being put into a separate fund. These funds are used to pay for larger projects that benefit the town, such as repaving the parking lot.


Library Director’s Report

  • Rebecca reported that Wendy & LJ have the summer children’s programming completed with a theme “Every Hero Has a Story.” They plan a kick-off party and art workshops with a focus on “heroes” from the Fire Department, Rescue Squad & Police Department. A June 29 “show and tell’ has been scheduled.
  • The library is soliciting proposals from children for art projects that will hopefully be chosen and accomplished during the summer and hung in the stairwell landings in the fall.
  • Rebecca is looking for a concrete repair contractor to fix the front steps. Her Front Porch Forum posting elicited no names. Keith suggested checking with Geoff Urbanik to see if the Town has used others in the past for this type of work.
  • Rebecca also feels that the floor in the community room needs to be refinished and was thinking that Labor Day might be a good time to do this.
  • Library staff has been considering switching uses of some of the first floor rooms. One idea is to make the current corner office room a “workspace” which would include the computers, fax and copier along with the paper cutter and other materials that the public uses. They will continue to consider options.


Library Building Report

  • Rebecca reported that Jan did come and do the building assessment but she has not received his official report yet. Unofficially, he seemed to feel that the building structure was sound and he saw no evidence of extensive water damage. He did see “daylight” through some cracked slate on the roof but went up into the small steeple fairly far and also went along the eaves.
  • Keith reported on the first meeting of the Library Facilities Committee, which was attended by Geoff Urbanik and 3 community members. The committee established that their primary mission is to assess the condition of the library building and identify short- and long-term needs and options. Geoff is willing to spend $2,000 to have a complete roof (and building?) inspection. Keith will convey Jan’s report to the Committee when it was received.
  • The Trustees feel that is important to continue to stress the need for a town-wide system of how to address maintenance issues at all of the town’s buildings.


July 4th: The Trustees will again do a book and water sale during the Richmond July 4th festivities. Kristen will bring the tent, Laurie will get tubs for ice & water and cash and Keith will purchase water. We will do a weather check closer to the date to determine how much water to buy. Since it seems that children’s books are very popular that morning, Rebecca will put out a call for donations of children’s books for the sale on Front Porch Forum.

Executive Session: The Trustees went into Executive Session to discuss the Annual Performance Evaluation of the Library Director.

Next Meeting: There will be no July meeting of the Trustees. The next meeting of the Richmond Free Library Trustees will be Thursday, August 6 Cammi will facilitate this meeting. Agenda items will include reports on the Friends of the Richmond Library and Library Facilities Committee meetings and a July 4th sale wrap up.


Respectfully submitted,
June 11, 2015

Laurie Dana, Secretary


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