2015 January Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s

Minutes – January 8, 2015


Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammy Richelli and Rebecca Mueller

Absent: Karen Tufano


Minutes of Dec. Meeting

The Board approved the Minutes from the previous meeting unanimously.


Budget Report

Keith presented the 6-month budget report that shows the library budget on track for the year. The Selectboard has decided not to include the $8,000 contribution to the Capital Reserve Fund in the budget to be voted in March. Keith expressed the need to clarify the budget process as the selectboard sees it, particularly around the purpose of the capital reserve funds.


Library Director’s Report

  • The Library has received a $3,000 grant from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation through a library patron, Becca Golden. The money is to be used to fund the mezzanine renovation project. A thank-you note has been written.
  • Rebecca reported on two issues related to the mezzanine construction project. A sprinkler head in the closet that was removed has been capped but when the system was re-pressurized, the compressor has begun firing regularly which is very noisy. She and Josiah spoke with several sprinkler companies to try and resolve the issue. After confirming that the work had been done correctly, Rebecca is advised that this should resolve itself. She will monitor that. There was also an issue with the carpeting, so the hall is a different pattern. Trustees authorized Rebecca to order a carton of additional tiles from a different dye lot to maintain as replacements in the future.
  • Headwaters plans to begin the slate roof repairs on Monday, Jan. 12. There will be a cherry picker blocking the entrance door for part of that time and Rebecca will mark it off and have an alternative entrance available—the alternate entrance may not be accessible. She is still checking on how long that will take.


Executive Session

By unanimous vote, the meeting went into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter.


Volunteer Brunch

The annual volunteer recognition brunch will be held on Sunday, Feb. 1 from noon-1:30 p.m. We anticipate about 18 volunteers from the Library and the Friends of Richmond Library as well as staff and trustees will attend.


Trustees and staff will provide food, a gift bag including a gift card to the Richmond Market and some candy will be given to each volunteer. Rebecca will say a few words about the past year and the library changes. A tour of the new mezzanine will be offered as well.


Upcoming Events & Activities

Book Sale — The Friends of the Richmond Library Book Sale & Bake Sale will take place on Fri. Feb. 13 (6-8 p.m.) and Sat. Feb 14 (9-3). Karen Tufano is organizing the bake sale and Mary is scheduling staff for the book sale.

Open House – The trustees plan to hold an Open House at the library in the spring to celebrate the mezzanine reconstruction. In particular, we would like to invite members of the Strategic Planning Committee and Selectboard to this event as it was largely in response to the results of the planning process that the project happened. Members of the public will also be invited.

Town Meeting — As with last year, at least one member of the Trustees will plan to attend Town Meeting should any budget considerations arise.

Grants – Laurie reported that the call for applications for Historic Preservation Grants through the VT Division of Historic Preservation will open in the spring and the deadline is usually the first Monday in October. She has asked to be placed on the notification list when the applications open. This would be an appropriate funding source for roof replacement, if needed, and is a $20,000 matching grant program. Cammy and Kristen also mentioned the smaller cultural facilities grants. Other projects that we might want to research funding for include repainting the sign and restoring the front doors to working condition. Rebecca had an inquiry from someone who is offering to help with grant research and she has referred him to Laurie.


New Business

Selectboard Liaison meeting – Since the Library’s Selectboard liaison, David Sander, will be invited to our February meeting, Kristen asked what information we need to provide, either ahead of time or during the meeting.

  • Rebecca felt that he should read the pamphlet “The Law of Public Libraries” (Office of the Secretary of State & Vt. Dept. of Libraries) ahead of time, as there are some unique laws which apply to Vermont’s Libraries.
  • Laurie suggested providing a one-sheet of basic information on services and programs – perhaps simply pulled from the text Cammy developed for the fundraising letter.
  • Laurie also suggested that Rebecca could do something like “a week at the library” to give him a sense of the broad range of patrons and activities the library serves.
  • Keith feels it is important to learn from David more about the Selectboard’s budgeting process in general and how they view the library funding specifically. This would include a discussion of the capital reserve and the Community Room fees.
  • Keith would like to be sure the Selectboard understands that the Trustees are the “stewards” of the town’s building and that as an “historic” building there are maintenance costs associated with that stewardship.


Future Dates
The next meeting of the Richmond Free Library Trustees will be Thursday, February 5, 2015.

The annual Volunteer Recognition Brunch will take place on Sun., February 1

The Friends Book Sale is February 13 &14.
Cammy will facilitate the February meeting, and agenda items will include:

  • Selectboard Liaison (first half hour?)
  • Town Meeting planning
  • Open House planning

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