4 Dec 2014 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s

Minutes – December 4, 2014

 Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, , Karen Tufano and Rebecca Mueller

Absent: Cammy Richelli


Minutes of Nov. 6 Meeting

The Board approved the Minutes from the previous meeting unanimously.


Budget Report

Keith reviewed the one page budget summary and observed that things are right on target. He has a detailed breakdown available should a Trustee want to see it.


Library Director’s Report

  • Rebecca reported that she has submitted the RFL report to the State Dept. of Libraries. This report is due annually and she believes that we will be accredited again this year.
  • She reminded the Trustees that the agenda for Trustee meetings needs to be publicly posted 3 days in advance of the meeting.
  • The RFL website now has a “donate” button, thanks to work by Kristen and Sarah in setting up a Paypal account. The Paypal fee is about 4% for processing.
  • Sarah Dumas has been hired to fill the opening for a librarian/technician. She has background in both libraries and technology and is working out well.


Review of draft Library Update

Trustees reviewed the draft of the Library Update for the Town Report that is due in January. Rebecca drafted the report with input from Cammy. Kristen moved to accept the report as presented, Karen seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Discuss current RLF Policies

After some clarification that the current policy document is the one adopted by the RFL Trustees on August 1, 2013; the trustees reviewed the current policies. Kristen moved to accept them with no changes and Keith seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


Library Piano Keyboards

As previously discussed, the library currently has 4 electric keyboards in the music rooms and really only needs to have 2 on hand for lessons. Rebecca offered the Richmond Teen Center the loan of the other two keyboards for their use. There was interest from a local musical group (also a 501c3) that the keyboards be given to them. After some discussion, the Trustees were in favor of the broader access offered by having the keyboards available through the Teen Center. In addition, Rebecca will make clear that this is a loan and the library reserves the right to ask for one or both back, should something happen to ours. She will also provide marking on the keyboards indicating that they are on loan from the Richmond Free Library.


Construction Update

The construction is still on schedule and will begin on December 9th. Rebecca will be away from the 11th-20th and Karen Tufano and Wendy will be available to the construction team should questions arise. Rebecca will check with Josiah about an expected payment schedule and whether we need to be prepared to give him a check prior to construction beginning.

Rebecca also reported that Douglas finished the book drop for the lobby and was paid for his time and some materials. He has also moved the shelves from the closet that is being removed and installed them in one of the music rooms for library and book sale donation storage.


Coffee Shop Update

Following a posting on Front Porch Forum, we received donations of two Keurig brewers and offers of a cart and coffee pods. The plan is to charge people $1 for a “pod” of coffee if they would like it. Additional costs will be cups, sugar & creamer. Rebecca will track these costs to make sure that the library is at least breaking even on the costs.


New Business

The trustees discussed furniture needs for the redesigned mezzanine and felt that we would want to look for two smaller tables and some chairs that could be configured as one conference table (together) or two small meeting set ups. Laurie will keep an eye on donations and we may want to post this request on Front Porch Forum once construction is farther along.

The refrigerator in the Community Room kitchen has died. Kristen suggested posting this on FPF as well, asking for a freezer-on-top refrigerator that is less than 5 years old.


Future Dates
The next meeting of the Richmond Library Trustees will be Thursday, January 8, 2015.

The annual Volunteer Recognition Brunch will take place on Sun., February 1

The Friends Book Sale is February 14.
 Kristen will facilitate the January meeting—agenda items will include:

  • February brunch planning
  • Book sale planning
  • Construction update
  • Open House planning

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