2014 November Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s Minutes – November 6, 2014

Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammy Richelli, Karen Tufano and Rebecca Mueller

Minutes of Oct. 2 Meeting

The Board approved the Minutes from the previous meeting unanimously.

Budget Report

Rebecca & Keith reported on the Oct. 20 presentation to the Select Board. They felt that the budget presentation went well. Rebecca will reach out to the Select Board regarding confusion about the presentation of the capital budget. She will suggest that, if they would like the information presented in a different way, they meet with Trustees on this.

Keith reported that the capital reserve currently has about $36,000 in it and there should be an additional $8,000 added near the end of this fiscal year (6/30/14). $10,000 of this money is already earmarked for roof repairs and window painting.

 The Select Board did not have a problem with our request for $16,000 to the capital reserve in FY 2016 as fees from the community room make up at least a portion of that income ($5,000-$7,000 annually).

Town Report Text

The text for the Library Update to the Town Report is due in January. Rebecca will draft some ideas and send to the Trustees. Item will be on the December meeting agenda.

 Tree Report

Rebecca met with 2 foresters regarding the maple tress in front of the library. They feel that the trees are healthy and that root growth will not further impact the steps/sidewalk. They recommended pruning the trees to help with the impact they have on keeping the building damp. Rebecca reported that the town is planning to prune some trees and she has asked Geoff if the library’s trees can be included in that work. It is not clear whether we would have to pay for this work separately.

 Open House

Trustees felt that it would be good to host an “open house” once the mezzanine construction is completed. We would like to invite Select Board, members of the Strategic Planning committee, Friends of Richmond Library and volunteers to this open house. Since space redesign was an important goal identified during the Strategic Planning process, it would be an opportunity demonstrate that the Trustees are acting on the goals. We would also invite (via Front Porch Forum & library website) community members if they were interested. Scheduling of the open house will wait until we have a better idea of the construction schedule.

 Mezzanine Reconstruction

Josiah Bergeron, our contractor, joined us for the meeting. He reported that we will have the Fire Marshall’s permit by tomorrow and then will get the electrician’s permit and the building permit. Josiah hopes to begin construction on Dec. 8 and estimates it will take until the 2nd week of January. He presented several choices of carpet and one was chose. We also approved purchase of additional carpet tiles (10 or so) to be used as replacements, should carpet be damaged. The electrician is working to find lights that complement existing fixtures—Trustees agreed that choices should be given to Rebecca who will invite trustees to weigh in on that decision.

Josiah reviewed the door and window format and suggested that soundproofing be added to the walls of the new construction—the Trustees authorized that addition.

RFL Coffee Shop

Trustees discussed the idea of having coffee available at the Library for patrons. Part of the impetus of this was the closing of “On the Rise” where coffee and wi-fi offered an opportunity to community members to work and enjoy a coffee. After some discussion, the Trustees decided to move forward with this by exploring options for a Keurig coffee machine and a cart that could be moved around as needed for meetings, etc. Rebecca felt that this could be managed and monitored by staff although there was discussion about finding a volunteer who could take on this project. Cammy will explore the idea that the Richmond Economic Development Committee has offered their “support” – and just what support means. We also discussed putting out a request for a donated machine and cart on Front Porch Forum (or $$ donations towards these items) and to check Craigs List. Various members will pursue these options.

Community Room Hours Limits

Rebecca asked the Trustees about how late into the evening it was appropriate to rent the library Community Room. Often private parties request evening rentals. After some discussion, Trustees felt that 11 p.m. would be an appropriate ending time for rental. We also recommended that the Richmond Police be informed when there was a late rental and asked if they could make sure that lights are off, door is shut and cars are gone when there is a late rental.

Library Workshop

Cammy reported on her attendance at a recent Library Trustees workshop and discussed a talk about a new library website platform as well as various grant programs that are available to libraries. These include performing arts grants for children through the Vermont Arts Council and facilities grants through several venues. Laurie and Cammy will explore them further to try and create a “timeline” for when these grant requests are due in order to incorporate them into funding discussions.

Annual Appeal Letter

Cammy also presented the idea of doing an “annual appeal letter” for funds for Richmond Library. The Trustees felt that this should be a joint letter from the Friends and Trustees and that, for this year, we can start with a smaller effort via email to Friends and to Rebecca’s library communications list. It was also recommended that we explore the best method to add a “donate” button to our website and to make online donations possible, whether through PayPal or some other resource.   More research is needed about the most cost-effective method to do this.

Future Dates
The annual Volunteer Recognition Brunch will take place on Sun., February 1

The Friends Book Sale is February 14.

RFL Policy Review

Trustees were asked to review the current RFL Policy document and come to the December trustees meeting with any recommendations for changes or discussion.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

 Keith Franz will facilitate the December meeting—agenda items will include:

  • RFL Policy discussion
  • Review Rebecca’s draft of library update for Town Report
  • Mezzanine & roof repair update

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