2014 August 28 Minutes (special meeting)

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s

Minutes – August 28, 2014


Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammy Richelli and Rebecca Mueller

Absent: Karen Tufano,


Library Director’s Report:

  1. Mezzanine Building Project
  • Fire Inspector Jessie Dobretsky has informed us that we need a code variance in order to enclose the mezzanine. A letter was sent 8/25/14 requesting the variance to Joe Bergeron, Vermont Dept. of Labor & Industry.
  • Regardless of whether the variance is granted, Rebecca would like to remove the closet. Staff has been making progress on clearing out & reorganizing other closets.
  • The electrician reported that he cannot find matching fixtures, Trustees agreed that 5 matching fixtures that complement existing were fine. Outlet & Ethernet installation plan will be fine.
  • After some discussion, Trustees recommended two options to maintain the mezzanine railing. First choice is to build the enclosing wall on the “inside” of the railing so railing is visible from community room. Second choice is to remove railing intact and hang it on the wall as a decoration after the project is complete.


  1. Roof Repair

Estimates have been received from Headwaters & Jim Billado for the slate roof repair project. Two other contactors did not return calls. Laurie moved and Keith seconded the motion to accept Headwater’s proposal to repair loose and missing slate, secure the ridge cap and repair the copper valley per the estimate of $7,863. Motion passed unanimously. Headwaters will be asked to look more carefully at the entire roof in terms of when and recommendations for the best way to repair the whole roof.


  1. Painting & window repair

An estimate of $2,400 was received from Tim Conver Painting to do the painting and window repair project. Keith moved to authorize the work, Cammy seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Tree Removal

Because there is no Richmond Tree Warden, the Library will need to hold a properly warned public comment meeting on removing the two maple trees in front of the building. Trustees would like to hold this meeting on Thursday, Oct. 2 with the regular Trustees meeting to start at 6:30. Cammy & Rebecca will write up a public notice of the meeting. There is interest from a couple of people to take the trees down in return for the firewood. More discussion is required about whether there are liability issues with not hiring a bonded tree service to do the work.


  1. Upcoming events at RFL:

Sept. 19 – Baritone Concert

Oct. 3 – Dance Party – Salsa with Tony Basarita

Oct. 5 – Movie – Part 6 of the 6 part documentary on Vermont (Community, Environment and Conflict) with filmmaker discussion.


6.. Perpetual Book Sale reestablished.

Thanks to some Friends Volunteers the “perpetual” book sale area in the entrance way has been reestablished. These volunteers will keep the area neat.


  1. Parking lot paving – the Town plans to repave the parking lot between the library and town center sometime in September.


Other Business:

Holiday Market – Based on the use of the library, Rebecca will ask for space for an RFL table upstairs during this year’s holiday market. Trustees can have a book sale or do other things. To be discussed at October Trustees meeting.

Community Room Revenue – Currently, rental revenue from the Community Room is being put into the general Richmond Town Budget. During the budget process this year, the Library will ask that these funds be put into the Library’s Capital Reserve in order to support maintainance and repair of the building. Last year this represented about $7,500.

Rebecca reported that Capital Reserve currently has about $36,000 before the P.O.s for the above projects have been issued.

Keith reported that in the current financial report for the library, there is a new line item RFL Fundraising that currently has around $750 in it. He will follow up with the town to see if this represents the funds from the Shoyon and Edmunds funds.

Annual Trustees and Friends Conference will be held Nov. 2 in Killington. Topics will include fundraising, grants, handling money and investments

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Agenda items for the October 2 meeting include:

  • Tree forum
  • Planning for holiday market
  • Report on various construction projects



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