May 2014 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee’s
Minutes – May 8, 2014

Present:  Trustees Laurie Dana, Keith Franz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammy Richelli, Karen Tufano, Keith Franz and Library Director Rebecca Mueller

Treasurer’s Report:
Keith reviewed the status of the budget and mentioned that there were a few under- and over-spent areas but observed that there was nothing of concern.  He circulated a copy of the financial reports that Rebecca and he are receiving from the town and Trustees agreed that they would like to have access to the summary document.  He mentioned that the town received about $6,600 in rental fees for the use of the Library’s community room and that he feels at least a portion of that should come back to the Library’s budget to help cover routine maintenance & supplies for the room.  Trustees will consider whether and how to approach the town regarding this change.

Rebecca mentioned that, of the potential capital expenditures, two probably will need to be addressed in the next year—repair of the slate roof and repair of the entry steps from the parking log.  Rebecca had a rough estimate of around $12,000 to repair the roof but will pursue getting other estimates for the work although she noted that slate repair contractors are few.

Library Director’s Report:
Rebecca reports that the schedule of summer activities at the library is full and will include Our Community Cares campers on Fridays, a science project with the Boys & Girls Club, arts & crafts and specialty performers.

She will be speaking with someone about the part-time library position which has been vacant.  The individual seems to have the tech experience that is needed.

Rebecca will be contacting Roto Rooter to try and solve some toilet back-up issues.

Renovation Follow Up:
Karen reported that she had received a 3rd estimate on the renovation work for the mezzanine level.  There is a fairly wide range in the estimates, which range from $7,990 to $13,678.  The 3rd estimate is in between.  A review of the lowest bid makes it difficult to compare estimates and the work is not spelled out.  Trustees felt that it was time to explore needed approvals, building permits and  codes that might impact this work.  Rebecca will start by checking with the town and Karen offered to help with this process.

Other Business:
The capital improvement Gladys Brooks Foundation grant application deadline that Laurie had found has gone by.  Laurie and Rebecca will monitor possible grants through Foundations and through the Vermont Dept. of Libraries for other possible funding sources for the renovations.

Cammy & Laurie attended the Geek the Library presentation by the Gates Foundation/Vermont Dept. of Libraries about this library marketing effort.  Trustees agreed that it is not a good time to join with this effort, as registration closes at the end of June.  

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Agenda items for the June 5 meeting include:
Annual Library Director Performance Evaluation
Planning for July 4


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