April 2014 Minutes

RFL Minutes

April 3, 2014


In Attendance:  Cammy Richelli, Karen Tufano, Keith Franz, Rebecca Mueller and Kristen Hayden-West.

  • Opening – Shared book or movie



  • Approved March Minutes



  • Library Director’s Report:
    • Agreed to pay $300 more per year for a subscription of One-Click which will have more Digital Books.
    • Rebecca’s next column will feature digital services.  Under-utilized.
    • Might need more than one column a month because there’s some
    • Rebecca picked up 10 desktops, with windows 7, from credit union.
    • Two iPads – experimenting how the library can best use them.
    • Also have two Nooks.  But they aren’t circulating.  How do we get a security     deposit.  Ipad/Nook policy.


  • Estimates for Renovations – presented by Karen Tufano

– Two contractors – See quotes.  Work included:

  • Remove the closet and put up see-through wall.  Two windows would open and two would be fixed.
  • Bare bones estimates.
  • Cammy – Are we sure of the fire code?
  • Rebecca – We would check with Labor and Industry.
  • Keith – What about heating and ventilation if we close off the mezzanine?
  • Closet has no structural purpose.
  • Flooring would need to be replaced.

– Additional Questions and To Do’s:

  • It would be good to get one more bid. Keith  will have someone call Karen.
  • Could we turn landing into a closet?  To store folding tables/chairs?
  • Can spare music room be used to collect books for book sale?
  • Rebecca to find out from Labor and Industry what the approval procedure is.


  • Space Reorganizer – Jane Agran.
    • Rebecca is enthusiastic.  Cammy will send her Rebecca’s way.  Is there a way to re-organize the main floor and stacks.



  • Tree Removal


    • Tree Warden, Toby Buxton, has checked out the two maples.  Will schedule a hearing.  Also suggested removing the dying evergreens.
    • New landscaping plan required.



  • Friends of RFL and RFLD


    • Ask Friends for money for renovation
    • Need meeting to request formal merger of RFLD and Friends
    • Friends’ money could go into Restricted fund
    • We are currently using the RFLD id number for Friends bank account.
    • Kristen – Ask Janet and Scott if they are interested in continuing on RFLD.  Schedule RFLD meeting for May 8th after monthly Trustee Meeting.
    • Money needs to be invested rather than sitting in non-interest bearing account..



  • Fundraising


    • Helpful if the Friends organization became more formal.
    • Put out annual appeal


  • Change May meeting date to May 8th.  45 minutes trustees/1 hour for RFLD-Friends.


  • Future Meetings Agenda Items:
  • May – Financial report by Keith
  • June meeting – evaluate Rebecca


Cammy – Facilitator

Laurie – Scribe

Karen – Building

Keith – Financials


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