March 2014 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustees Meeting

MINUTES – March 6, 2014

Present: Laurie Dana, Keith Frantz, Kristen Hayden-West, Cammy Richelli, Karen

Kristen called the meeting to order and welcomed new Trustee, Keith Frantz.

Cammy moved to approve the Minutes from the February 6, 2014 Trustees meeting,

Karen seconded and the motion was approved.

Kristen led a discussion of the expectations for trustee meetings and how they run. She

proposed rotating the meeting facilitation. It was decided that the facilitator should have

the responsibility for setting the agenda for the meeting and sending the agenda out to all

trustees 2-3 days prior to the meeting. Cammy will facilitate the April meeting.

The group also agreed that the meeting agenda’s and minutes should be available to

trustees online along with basic information that all trustees should have access to.

Kristen will explore using Google docs to accomplish this. Minutes and agendas will

also be available to the public in paper form at the library.

Kristen reviewed the Officers positions as required in the by-laws—President, Secretary

and Treasurer. In addition, we have informally added roles for PR & Marketing and

Facilities. Trustees were polled as to their interests.

Cammy nominated, and Karen seconded the nomination of Kristen as President, Keith as

Treasurer and Laurie as Secretary. The nominations were approved.

Laurie will set up a time to meet with Keith to review the information and duties that she

has been fulfilling as Treasurer.

There was some extended discussion about next steps in space renovation at the library.

The trustees acknowledged that their role is to encourage and facilitate changes but that

the work, especially in the area of reducing clutter, is in the hands of the Library Director

and staff. In terms of how to proceed, the group decided on three steps:

Cammy has spoke with a professional space organizer who expressed willingness

to provide up to a half-day of consultation pro bono. She will talk with her further.

Laurie has spoken with a professional space planner who has worked with other

library staff to walk through a space planning process who also might be willing

to provide some pro bono services. She will contact him to explore further what

the process is, what kind of time commitment it is, and some of the issues that he

has addressed in other library settings.

Karen feels that we should proceed with getting estimates from at least two

contractors for at least renovating the mezzanine space – moving (or removing)

the closet, using the space from two music rooms+ to create a small meeting

room and options for closing off (providing sound barrier) between the mezzanine

and the community room space. Cammy had one recommendation and Karen

will contact them and one more individual, meet with them and pursue getting estimates.

In all of these discussions, the Trustees do want to be careful to consider how much time

and energy will be required from the Library Director and staff.

Trustees had a brief discussion of whether part of the role of the Library Trustees is to do

fundraising for the library. Kristen observed that while we are able to do fundraising, it

is not typically a function that elected trustees perform. She feels that it might be more

appropriate if it came from the Friends of Richmond Library.

There was also a discussion of the status of the two organizations who provide funding to

the Library – Richmond Free Library Development, Inc. (RFLD) and the Friends of the

Richmond Library (Friends). Laurie expressed concern that the Friends of the Richmond

Free Library are an informal group, not a 501c3 and that there is no official Board

governing their activities and managing their funds. Laurie will explore who is currently

on the board of RFLD.

It was agreed to continue the fundraising discussion during the April meeting.

The next meeting of the Library Trustees will be held on Thursday, April 3 at 6 p.m. and

Cammy will facilitate. Agenda items to carry over from this meeting include:

Fundraising discussion

Reports on space renovation research

RFLD & Friends status discussion/recommendations?


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