November 2013 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
Nov. 14, 2013
Richmond Free Library

1. 6:00-6:10 – Everyone shares a favorite Thanksgiving food. (not literally, unless you wish to cook all day)

-We shared our favorite foods….turkey was a common theme…

2. Review/approve minutes-from October…approved

3. 6:10-6:25 – Library Director News-Rebecca was out sick.

4. 6:25-6:35 – Trustee candidate(s) for March

-Scott Cole has a new board opportunity he wants to pursue and will finish his 5 year term in March 2014

-A sign could be put up on the bulletin board about the opening as well as it being posted in Times Ink.

-Library staff could put forth names they think would be good candidates.

-We would like to get a- Library Youth Liaison from the high school to attend meetings and offer their insights- Scott will craft an invitation/letter to MMU to see if we can get a student (s) to join the process. Scott will work on this invitation and send to Rebecca to review it.

5. 6:35-6:55 – Plan for Holiday Market.

-Table for the Holiday Market-Sat. December 7th? We decided we would NOT do it?

7. 6:55-7:25– Library renovation continued

-thoughts on architect presentations-two firms have expressed interest.

-forming a committee?

-how much are trustees willing to take on?

-Cammie was thinking that staff development was her top goal. Organization of present space could be a major focus. (During the planning process the other members were eager for the space being rebuilt and remodeled.) She wants the existing spaced to better utilized and the idea to remodel the space was not her big goal. She also was fearful that the town will not support the plans to invest in the library. Cammie will chat with Annie O’Brian to get some ideas on what the town might support.

-Kristen feels that the thought of a major capital investment and renovation of the space is a big undertaking.

-We might just focus on a 200k goal that we could use to… firstly focus on the mezzanine and then the front entryway?

-Karen wondered about an interior design person to visit and give some less costly insights. We want to maximize space we have.

-We might shift our remodelling to focus to an interior decorator -which would cost much less.

-We also want to propose a massive ‘cleaning throwing out’ of items that are out of date and not needed. Closets need to emptied and cleaned.

8. 7:25-7:30 – Next month’s agenda. Dec. 5th

-More talk about…plans.

-the idea about big fund raising was too much to take on…so we want to re work the space and the organizational systems we have in place now… to improve our general appearance and put new systems in place to make the library less cluttered.


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