October 2013 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2013

  1.  Review minutes  – need September minutes


  1. Review budget – 

– Wendy’s position being rewritten – salary up.

– Increase in water and sewer

– Decrease in heat because natural gas was just connected

– Decreased Reserve by $8,000 from last year, so it looks like we have almost no increase.  


Capital Plan

– Remained the same

– Recommend a mold test every three years

– Slate roof will need some repair in 2014.  Middlebury Slate are the only ones R. knows of.  

– Wait on carpeting and front step repair until  we decide about renovation.


The budget was approved.


  1. Do we want to go to the Farmer’s Market again?   Only made $15. 


  1. Discuss renovation/Space 

–  Rebecca will call Scott and Partners

– Kristen will re-contact Truex and ask about process.  How concrete do we have to be to be useful?

– Think about money piece.  

– Who has deep pockets in town?

– Will the town put up with another bond?  Probably not.

– Specific funds for libraries.  


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