June 2013 Agenda

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
June 6, 2013
Richmond Free Library

6:00-6:10 – Everyone shares a plan for the summer.

2.     Review/approve minutes

3.     6:10-6:40 – Finalize review and edit of RFL policies as necessary

4.     6:40-6:55 – Library Director News

6.     6:55-7:10 – Plan for July 4th water and book sale – see notes from last year below.

7.     7:10-7:30 – Create timeline for acting on space planning/renovation concept

8.     Plan Special Meeting – Rebecca’s Evaluation

Review of 4th of July 2012:
-In summary, it all went well and we went to do it again in the future: selling water, having books to sell, all agree that not selling balloons is a good idea, and there were no complaints heard about it. (We had 3 cases of water at $35/case, ice, big tubs).

Thoughts for improvement for future:
-t-shirts or buttons: either for trustees to wear for easy recognition or to sell
-used book sale: choose a varied selection in advance
-have office supplies, empty bags (for books/water sales)
-decorate table (cloth, flowers)
-sign facing out across road
-need more small change dollars
-publicize in FPF/Times Inc.
-bring closer to the street
-perhaps two shifts: 8:30 – 10:30 and 10:30 – 12:30?
-go across street to sell water after parade ends
-walk and mingle in crowd handing out promo cards


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