April 2013 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting

Richmond Free Library


April 4, 2013


  1. 6:00-6:10 – Everyone shared a new RFL task, role, emphasis they’d like to focus


on during the next year.


-Kristen-wants to work on SPACE!


-Karen- space concerns


-Cammy- wants to build a stronger bond with the Town officials


-Scott-Space plans need to be addressed and acted upon.


-Laurie- Space concerns too


-Rebecca- Wants to have the documentation of the notes over the year organized.


  1. Review/approve minutes-Minutes were accepted from March.


  1. 6:10-6:30 – VT Library Conference: Cammy went with Rebecca to the conference and


learned some new skills-such as how to build a strong relationship with town officials- Rebecca


went to a workshop on What a Library Trustee Should Know and be able to do…as a result of


this workshop-she want us-RFL Trustee- to focus on getting all minutes in order and published.


She also attended an Engaging Youth workshop that was not overly helpful.


-Review the five Trustee Offices and elect officers –We all agreed to keep same positions for


next year-‘we moved’ to accept the leadership structure-for next year-all in favor.


  1. 6:30-7:15 – Strategic Plans – Project finalization


  1. Prior to the meeting please look over the ‘summary’ that we discussed last month


and break down the items into three groups based on who needs to carry them out:


  1. Staff/ director projects


  1. Trustee projects


  1. Paid or skilled volunteer projects


-We discussed the summary of priorities that we developed and made a list of goals


and action steps going forward-Our main goal is to move forward with Space


-Vt Preservation Folks could come and look over our space-A space planner


assessment can be done by a professional.


-We first need to understand if there are any restrictions on the space-from the


original building project.


  1. 7:15-7:25 – Library Director Update


-E-book /digital workshop is offered 4-11-13-staff training at 4- then public-


-Baby Tea –set for-April 14th


-We had a good turnout for the fitness in your older years-


-Short Story reading program is going well


-Brendan Bucklass is our new hire to help for our Technology needs.


  1. 7:25-7:30 – Plan for next month and adjourn


May is Policy Month.


-for young families/babies-2012-birth year- meet and greet-


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