April 2013 Agenda

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
April 4, 2013
Richmond Free Library

1.     6:00-6:10 – Everyone shares a new RFL task, role, emphasis they’d like to focus on     during     the next year.

2.     Review/approve minutes

3.     6:10-6:30 – Review the five Trustee Offices and elect officers – see next page

4.     6:30-7:15 – Strategic Plans – Project finalization

Prior to the meeting please look over the ‘summary’ that we discussed last month and break down the items into three groups based on who needs to carry them out:
1. Staff/ director  projects
2. Trustee projects
3. Paid or skilled volunteer projects

Discuss projects in meeting

We then need to pick the top three items to focus on- for each of the three groups-noted above.

5.     7:15-7:25 – Library Director Update

6.     7:25-7:30 – Plan for next month and adjourn

May is Policy Month.


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