March 2013 Minutes


 Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting


Richmond Free Library


  1.  6:30-Welcome-


  1. Review minutes- February-2013-and they were accepted.


  1. 7:00-7:30- Report from Librarian-
  2. a. Geoff Urbanik has asked the department heads to meet with him and the select board to hear what our long term plans are-and our needs.

b. Mango Language program-is $560 and wonder if we should keep buying it? We will get folks links to other sites if patrons want it.

c. RFL Newsletter is going out regularly – and is packed with updates


d. April 11-at 6:30 is a download workshop-to get books on your device.

e. Town officer’s workshop is offered -info. is on RFL Link-

f. Trees removal- the ones we need to remove-are not part of the tree warden-one by steps- one by slope by steps and one near walk way coming in-they need to taken down. Toby Buxton is the tree warden –we need to check on a ‘landscape’ plan so we don’t misstep. We need to offer a Public Forum so that people can weigh in.


  1. 7:14-7:30-Review of Executive Long Term plans-Cammy –she outlined all the Long Range Plans goals-into…short –medium and long term.


  1. 5-7:30-7:45 –Book Sale ‘Money’ Update-$3000 for books-($600 over the last few years)- $170 bake sale-raffle-$600 – good music-great volunteer effort from the Friends-The Boy      Scouts were a great help-


6. To Do for April:

We each need to look over the ‘summary’ and break down the items into three groups: 1-staff director 2-trustees can do- 3-paid services…

We need to pick the top three items to focus on- for each of the three groups-noted above.

7. 7:45 Meeting is adjourned-Next meeting is 4-4-13


            Next meeting: Finish Long Range Plan implementation. Elect officers.


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