February 2013 Minutes


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting


Richmond Free Library


  1. 6:00-6:10 Greetings and share something you learned at the Volunteer Brunch

We learned that the library was in the jail at one point-We learned that Jake Levenson is a good ‘music’ leader for the RFL-We learned that the older volunteers are enjoying the new technology tools that are available- we also noted we have some long running volunteers…35+ years!


  1. Review minutes-January 2014

-Laurie moved to accept the minutes-all accepted the January minutes.



  1. 6:15-6:30 Discuss/prepare- Executive Summary- long and short range RFL Goals –Cammy facilitated-

We all tried to identify our priorities-Short Term-Medium Term-Long Term-goals for the Library based from the Strategic Plan. These will be collated by Cammy and we can discuss further at future meetings.


  1. 6:20-6:45 –Library Updates

Rebecca had the elevator worked on by Alloy Welding- and we are in compliance . Bruce Hathaway donated his hours of labor to the RFL.      

-State Grant for a new program for a math literacy program was done by Wendy and Rebecca. Ages 3-5

-Rebecca posted a new library book widget tool that shows what new books we now have at the library.

-ADE-training is Feb 21st and the unit will be here for people to learn how to use it (fibulator).

-Ann O’Brian is setting up meetings for the seniors.

-Visiting Nurse is coming for meetings here as well.

-‘Listen Up’ Vt -offered to do two programs –one for community and one for the staff.


  1. 6:45-7:05 Laurie D. -Up date on treasure report

We closed the piano fund-moved $to RFLD

-Edmunds Trust- has some monies that comes to the Library-there is about 24K in it. There is also $6380 in another fund.

-We need to have a RFLD meeting next month-at 6:00-6:30- March 7th      

  1. 7:05-7:25   Book Sale-

We are in need of helpers to move books and help set up. Frinds have things well organized.                                          

  1. 7:25-7:30 Tasks for the month/March agenda-

-Scott Cole will attend town meeting.


  1. 7:30 Meeting is adjourned-

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