January 2013 Minutes


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting


Richmond Free Library

  1.  Greetings and a New Year’s Resolution we will each take up regarding RFL.

We all shared ideas as to how we can give more to the RFL this year. Kristen wants to connect to the tech. person that we will hire and do some outreach with that person. Scott wants to stop in more regular-Lori wants to connect more with the volunteers. Cammy -wants to be a good listener on the board. Karen wants to connect to the volunteers as well. Rebecca wants to continue with the outreach to the community-promoting the services.

-A RFL Wish-list is an idea that we might want to put out in the news columns –or on Front porch forum.

  1.  Review minutes-December 2012

-Cammyi moved to accept the minutes-all accepted the December minutes.

  1. Community room review: We went over the charge structure for the room. This is the structure we will adhere to associated with Community Room use:         

           -Private or commercial functions (including recitals or classes): $25/HOUR.

           – Not for profit groups:* $25 cleaning/maintenance fee.

           -$15/hour for non-profit meetings of more than two hours.

           -$25 for use of piano, in addition to hourly fees.

           -Other use – fees will be determined by Library Director

          -Membership ‘only’ gatherings will be charged

           *Not for profits do not specifically address RFL mission will be charged the cleaning fee.    ($25)

How long can a ‘renter’ book the room?  -One ‘season’ is the time period for room use- and needs to be approved by the Library director.

  1. Discuss/prepare Town Meeting report

Rebecca has a draft that includes:

-Highlights for the year including the Koha system and the ease of getting a book, the strategic plan news, mission statement, community space use,  Friends, building upkeep, support from the local businesses,  Facebook,  Newsletter, internet program offerings.  Rebecca will have a draft for us to look at soon.    

  1.   Plan Volunteer Brunch (2/3/13)

– Trustee Coordinator?-we have about 18 volunteers –who we honor at the Sunday brunch. We give a small gift. We get here at 11- and prep coffee

– Potluck assignments: (staff and trustee will bring a treat)

Scott-Bagels/bread cream cheese- Karen-two quiche-Lori-muffins/treats. Kristen-Cammy-fruit salad-Rebecca-meatball dish/coffee

– Set up needs-tables cloths-folks can bring one or two so we have enough.  —Lori will see if she can get some free flowers for the tables-as a non-profit-they are free.

– Invitations-Rebecca will get invites out.

-gift-cards from the Market is the gift idea-.   

– Activities?-Wait -Wait Don’t tell me… quiz show… that we could share with them as an ice-breaker. Kristen will work on a list of quiz questions.


  1.   Trustees role with upcoming events.

Book Sale- is 2-16-13 (9-3)   *pre-sale 6-8 on Friday-raffle/bake sale/music-Thursday before the event is the time that help is needed-move books and set up tables-10 am-on until closing.

– Town Meeting-do trustees want to be there to answer questions? (3-5-13) Scott will attend-

– Community Yard Sale-Spring event-that was done in the past-but- we are not seeing the small ‘$ return’ as beneficial to the library and it is not the role of the trustees to run the sale. We will not do it.

– Do we want to re-start the ‘flier’ that went into the local paper promoting the book sale and other outreach ideas?

  1.   Strategic Plan implementation continued.  Trustee’s focus for next months.-to be discussed. Cammy will facilitate.
  2.  Tasks for the month/February agenda– RFL Policy review/update- we need to look at them and review for the next meeting. http://www.richmondfreelibraryvt.org/policies.pdf


  1. Meeting is adjourned

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