December 2012 Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting Minutes


Richmond Free Library


1. Greetings               


2. Review minutes- November 2012 minutes were accepted.


3. Community Room Policies – Continued

            Reviewed and expanded Priority of Use decisions made in October.  Changes to be in-line             with the RFL strategic plan.


Which Groups are charged for Community Room use:

            – No fee for town-run, public events (such as planning meetings)

            – Town or library business/sponsored activities (support mission of town government or      library strategic plan.)

            – Non-profits charged cleaning fee.

            – Political groups or membership organizations –charged a fee-by hour

            – For profit activities such as classes – charged a fee-by hour


Charges associated with Community Room use:  

            -Private or commercial functions (including recitals or classes): $25/HOUR.

            – Not for profit groups: $25 cleaning/maintenance fee.

            -$15/hour for non-profit meetings of more than two hours.

            -$25 for use of piano, in addition to hourly fees.

            -Other use – fees will be determined by Library Director


How long can a ‘renter’ book the room?

            We have done it for a maximum of 8 weeks per client.  One idea is to run/manage the room            following the seasons.


Community Room Use Ideas

            -A local musician’s series would be a nice addition to the calendar?

            -Another idea is to use the room for a business ‘showcase’ over the course of the year?

            -Another idea is to us the room to host a technology series.

            -We do have a movie license that could allow us to host movies.

            ( Rebecca will revise the Policy to include- the long range plan goals-at the heading.)

4. Financial Stuff

            – Laurie reported back on conversation with Martha Lange about Friends and  RFLD Inc.


            -Voted to move the Piano Fund money into RFLD account and close Piano Fund.


            – Edmunds Fund-and Shogau Fund-are two accounts we have to deal with. We get the       interest of about -$110 a year from the Edmunds account.

            -Budget updates: The town is going to give us $10,000 less than requested, but will roll 8k into the annual capital reserve. They are also going to give us the income from the charges             earned from the library, about $5,000 per year. They reduced the salary line by 1% from an            increase of 3% to only 2%.

6. Quick report on projects

            – Painting-it is almost done! A letter will go out to him- asking him to do the final parts of    the job-by 1-15-12- Job is not done!                                  

            – Natural gas-we are still working on getting a vendor- we have one bid for $2900-and are             still after other bids. We have to ask three vendors-but do not have to get 3 bids!

            – Holiday Market report out-all went well-

            – Select board and budget decision – still not quite done.

            – Strategic Plan implementation by staff-this is being worked on.

            -Voted YES, to accept Richmond Rescue’s offer to donate AED Defibrillator for the            Library.  They will provide training.


7. January agenda items

            -We might want to re-start the ‘flier’ that went into the local paper promoting the book sale             and other outreach ideas. 

            -Do we want to do the Library Lawn Sale?

            -Prepare for town meeting.

            -Plan the volunteer brunch –(2-3-13)

            -Prepare the town meeting report-Rebecca will start some drafting.

            -Target specific area of the Long Range Plan-


8.         7:30                 Meeting is adjourned


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