November 2012 Minutes


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting


Richmond Free Library

1.      A toast to the strategic plan with snacks provided by Kristen-a big ‘hurrah’ for Kristen for all her leg work and energy to make this happen.

2.      Review minutes-Approved

3.         Quick report on projects

 –Painting (Karen and Rebecca)-it is still being done. The cold is slowing up the process-but is close to finishing. He plans to finish in the weeks ahead.

– Holiday Market Planning (Scott)-it is a daylong event 9-3:30-Santa is here 10-noon. We will have a table set up in the library area downstairs to promote our new plan, We’ll have. some mugs ($5 and bags ($10) for sale along with a lap top to promote the Long Range Plan. We are planning on getting a 6 foot banner-with the webpage-Laurie will order this.

– Potential eReader opportunity (Cammy)-she had heard that 50 Nooks have been bought by the CESU  district –and we might look into this as a possible purchase for our Library?

KeyPads versus Keys to lock the building Rebecca is hoping to reduce the number of keys that are in circulation. Installing a keypad- is an idea.

-Natural Gas for heating– we would like to go ahead with this conversion.The cost savings benefits are worth the change (savings of $2000 per year) Chuck’s (Manning’s) Heating-has given a ‘conversion’ estimate. We need to get two more bids. The line to the building is not charged-but we will have an access fee each month. VT gas will bring the line to the library

-Motion made: to convert to natural gas-vote-all in favor.

4.         Strategic Plan Roll-out

– PR to date-Cammy has written a ‘press release’ and did a summary page.

– Plan for staff implementation-next Thursday Rebecca will meet with the staff and go over the next steps-review the Long Range Plan. We still want to make sure that the goals of the plan are ‘work-able’ for Rebecca

– How the Strategic Plan will be used long-term to inform Trustee decisions-We need to keep this in the front of our thinking as we plan our agendas.

5.         Budget and Financials update

Process Selectboard discussion of RFL budget proposal and decide on advocacy                        action if necessary. –Rebecca –shared an update- Reserve Funds-(presently we have 24K) and we will get another 8K for FY13.  -as our yearly appropriation of funds for upkeep of the building-we will be at 32K-by June 30th.  Our capital repairs funds- can come from anywhere in a budget-Items in a budget have to be connected to a fund.  

FY 14 budget needs to be reworked and re-submitted.  Trustees agree to hold special meeting if necessary.

6.         Community Room Policies –

 – Review Priority of Use decisions made last month and expand.

First Priority-Library-run activities that are in line with the new plan should always take priority for the room use-free.

Second Priority-Town government events should have the next preference-free.

Third Priority-Non-profits are next in line. Keeping in mind that the use needs to be in-line with the plan.

Fourth Priority– for profit that benefits the strategic plans.

Fifth Priority-everyone else.

7.         Meeting is adjourned-next meeting Dec. 6th.


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