November 2012 Agenda


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
Richmond Free Library

1.     6:00-6:10       A toast to the strategic plan with snacks provided by Kristen

2.             Review minutes

3.     6:15-6:30     Quick report on projects
– Painting (Karen and Rebecca)
– Holiday Market Planning (Scott)
– Potential eReader opportunity (Cammy)
– Key pad vs keys? (Rebecca)
– Natural gas or not?

4.     6:30-6:50    Strategic Plan Roll-out
– PR to date
– Plan for staff implementation
– Continued PR
– How the Strategic Plan will be used long-term to inform Trustee decisions

5.     6:50-7:05    Budget and Financials update
– Laurie reports back on her conversation with Martha Lange about Friends and             RFLD, Inc.
–  Process Selectboard discussion of RFL budget proposal and decide on advocacy         action if necessary.

6.    7:05-7:25     Community Room Policies – Continued
– Review Priority of Use decisions made last month and expand.

7.     7:25-7:30      Tasks for the month

8.     7:30         Meeting is adjourned


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