September 2012 Minutes


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting

September 6, 2012

1.         Reviewed minutes

2.         Rebecca reported on what’s new at RFL. 

We need to replace one AC unit that failed.

-Painting is going well.

-Painter has offered to help with some of the slate that needs repair and is rotten boards as they come across them.

 -First Sunday of February is the Volunteer brunch-wherein we honor our volunteers.

– Book Sale is in February.

 -We have a contract for VT Gas- they claim they can save us $2000 a year after the conversion process to Natural gas. Putting on the converters is not a big issue for our furnace-they have presented a list of contractors they can do the work- we need three bids. We have a gas intake valve.

 -Town is updating the capital expenses-plans- fund.  Our facility needs are:  roof repair, basement sealant, steps repaired or be replaced, water fountain, upstairs carpet, and technology up-grade. Rebecca will request 5k for planning. We have 15k left for carpet (upstairs is in need of replacement). We have 10k for the front steps that we feel we need to move on sooner than later.

 -Basement continues to be a concern. Damp and musty. The plastic covering is not in functioning condition. We should get a basement expert to assess the space.

 -Inspections- our elevator was not in compliance –but we have been given a conditional pass inspection as long as we get the ‘sump pump hole’ in the bottom of the shaft (23 inch diameter) be covered with a steal plate. We have to hire them to do this.

**Top Things we can get right on- basement sealant …steps need to be addressed. Carpet needs to be done soon…March 2013-second floor, stairs and hall

-Budget Review

-Budget (draft) was presented for review. Asking to adjust some of the employees hours worked and a total increase of 20 hours/week.

3.     Trustees reports out on news/projects as appropriate

– PR? Farmer’s Market.-Cammy has coordinated booth on 9/14.  Will have PR materials and books for sale.

4.        Strategic Plan – Voting on Strategic Plan to wait until October.

5.       Tasks for the month

-Rebecca will get three bids for the Furnace converter process.

-She is also working to find a plumber to put in a water fountain. 

-Next Wednesday Rebecca will get a final budget draft for us to vote on next month.

-October 1st meet with the selectboard.

-We will vote on the Strategic Plan next month


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