RFL Trustee Minutes August 2012

 Meeting Minutes

 1. Review of June minutes: approved. Roof: Karen to put Rebecca in touch with roof guy she found.

2. Library Director Update:

-AC broken in youth services rooms and in Community Room. Youth services can be repaired with a patch. Community Room needs new unit; Rebecca getting quotes.

-Leak in upstairs bathroom is repaired (air duct had slices perhaps from previous repair work).

-Painting of entire building to start week of August 6th; 3 weeks estimated. Three checks to be provided to painter.

-Roof is ok structurally and interiorally, just needs a few tiles replaced and “roof cap tightened”, which Rebecca is going to check with Karen’s contact (see #1 above).

-Library director’s evaluation complete.

-Staff evaluations are complete.

-Sign: zoning permit obtained to move RFL sign perpendicular to street and get new vinyl letters on both sides. Douglas to take charge, will be in touch w/ Rod to see about vinyl letter sourcing if needed.

3. Review of 4th of July:

-In summary, it all went well and we went to do it again in the future: selling water, having books to sell, all agree that not selling balloons is a good idea, and there were no complaints heard about it. (We had 3 cases of water at $35/case, ice, big tubs).

-Revisit for May/June 2013 meetings.

Thoughts for improvement for future:


-t-shirts or buttons: either for trustees to wear for easy recognition or to sell

-used book sale: choose a varied selection in advance

-have office supplies, empty bags (for books/water sales)

-decorate table (cloth, flowers)

-sign facing out across road

-need more small change dollars

-publicize in FPF/Times Inc.

-bring closer to the street

-perhaps two shifts: 8:30 – 10:30 and 10:30 – 12:30?

-go across street to sell water after parade ends

-walk and mingle in crowd handing out promo cards

4. Strategic Planning Update:

Kristen outlined status of Strategic Planning process.

-Staff input that emerged broadly aligned with community input; staff further identified patron’s desire for office supplies (fax, copying, etc.); voiced (not necessarily unanimous) that age group of 12 to 24 year olds are not a priority target for library services.

-Next step is to develop plan out of all various inputs.

-A commitment exists to present the outcome publicly (no timeline stated).

-To develop a plan from the inputs, Kristen, Scott, and Rebecca have had two meetings. Out of that they developed four goals, some objectives (concrete and measurable), brainstormed activities, and produced a working document that Kristen has sent to other trustees.

-Tasks emerged for both trustees and staff.

-Main recurring issue is question of space.

-Out of this topic, came the discussion about the need to articulate a vision and values to provide a guiding structure for making big decisions (e.g., about space).

-We decided that the goals that came out of the strategic planning process do in fact define the vision and values of library, and, based on vision and values from Strategic Plan, we can move ahead and make some concrete decisions. As a concrete example, in hiring new staff and evaluating existing staff, an objective will be that all staff have a determined level of technical proficiency, thereby providing Library Director with a standard for staff evaluations and holding staff accountable, which doesn’t exist currently.

-Determining the best use of Community Room will flow from Strategic Planning goals/objectives as they are clarified. At this point, the demand for use exceeds the resources. Some thoughts are: does the RFL continue “owning” the room or let it be the town’s responsibility? If town takes over, does RFL staff assist with scheduling? If RFL continues to own, how are decisions made about programming? Based on Strategic Goals? If so, how can Community Room be better leveraged for use, priority of type of programming? Percentage of use for profit vs. non-profit? Rebecca is contacting State library consultants to see about similar issues.

Action for September Trustee meeting: Come up with a concrete vision for Community Room based on strategic goals. Look at Strategic Plan draft and information from Rebecca before meeting.

5. Promotional idea: contact Richmond Farmer’s Market director to see if open date for community table. Have promo cards or other pieces, take names/emails to sign up for RFL newsletter, also have a selection of used books for “donation” (or sale if we can sell there), donation box, also empty box to bring your books to donate? Cammy to contact and advise other trustees.

6. Tasks for September meeting:

-Look at RFL budget, which is due in October.

-Above, in #4, review Strategic Plan draft and review Rebecca’s information about other libraries with public rooms to discuss Community Room.


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