October 2012 Mintues


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting


1.  The RFL Trustee Experience – How’s it going? 

– We reviewed the new meeting format and the different roles that we have on the board. We want to make sure the work we are doing as a group- is positive, supportive and productive for the library and the director.  

2. Review minutes – We reviewed them and accepted them.

3. Trustees reports out
– Painting – Things are moving along- rain in the past week has slowed the painting. It is taking a bit longer than anticipated. It does look very good-so far!

– Farmer’s Market -Cammy attended the Friday Farmer’s Market with a booth promoting the library services and offerings. It was a moderate success.

-A PR plan  –
An idea/concept that we should consider pursuing-to keep people connected to the library. (Perhaps we put this as a monthly agenda item.)

– Budget presentation –Kristen and Laurie attended the Monday night select board meeting and presented the budget- no big changes in budgetary needs- and they the Selectboard had no immediate questions.

– Holiday Market is Dec. 1  -We plan on having a small table set up in our book area to promote the services we offer-and sell mugs and RFL bags.

4. Strategic Plan
– Formal Vote on Strategic Plan-it was moved that we adopt the RFL Strategic Plan as it was presented. All trustees were in favor-and was accepted.

– Next steps related to plan:
a. How to share with the public?-hard copies at RFL desk,  RFL web page, FrontPorch Forum, Western Slopes should have a link to it.

b. What is the trustees’ role in moving the plan forward? -We need to all review the plan and get thoughts back to Kristen. Kristen is going to consider talking to the high school about doing class project –to spruce it up. We have one week to review it and E-mail Cammy with ideas-

c. How does it inform decision making?  We should keep this strategic plan on the agenda each month- to talk about how it is going.

6. Community Room Use
Where do we stand on Community Room policies?-We want to clarify the purpose of that space. Is it to make money for the town? Can we use room revenue to pay for a part time scheduler? Who has priority for use?
First Priority:
Library-run activities that are in-line with the new plan should always take priority for the room use-free.
Second Priority:
Town Government events should have the next preference-free.
Third Priority:  
Non-profits are next-in line. (Keeping in mind that the ‘use’ needs to be in-line with the plan.)

7. Tasks for the month
-All trustees are to get back to Cammy with insights to the Plan within the coming week. Cammy will edit! Kristen will post a request for publishing the Plan on the Front Porch Forum.
-Karen will check in about the painting.
-Laurie will contact Martha Lange for more clarity on financials.

8. Meeting is adjourned


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