October 2012 Agenda


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
Richmond Free Library

1.     6-6:20       Welcome.
-The RFL Trustee Experience – How’s it going conversation.

2.     Review minutes

3.     6:25-6:35     Trustees reports out
– Painting
– Farmer’s Market.
– Budget presentation
– Holiday Market RSVP

4.     6:35-7:00    Strategic Plan
– Discussion about plan
– Formal Vote on Strategic Plan
– Next steps related to plan
a. How to share with the public?
b. What is the trustees’ role in moving the plan forward?
– How does it inform decision making?
– How do we keep it a living document?
– Specific projects we want to undertake.

6.    7:00-7:20     Community Room Use
– Where do we stand on Community Room policies?
– What are the pieces we need to address?
– Prioritize

7.     7:25-7:30      Tasks for the month
– Community Room policy/PR assignments?
– Strategic plan roll-out assignments?
– Other

8.     7:30         Meeting is adjourned


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