June Minutes 2012

Trustee Minutes

Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting

June 7, 2012

Richmond Free Library

Director – Rebecca Mueller

Chair- Kristen Hayden-West

Treasurer- Laurie Dana

Secretary- Scott Cole

PR Coordinator- Cammy Richelli

Building and Grounds – Karen Tufano


1.         Welcome and everyone shared something that they’ll be doing this summer.


2.         Minutes reviewed and accepted


3.         Quick updates

-Library Director reported on online systems available through RFL.

4.         Review of Strategic Planning Meeting and plan timeline for next steps

– Goal set to narrow down the information/data that has been collected to a workable list by the end of July.

5.         Discussed maintenance projects for the summer.

-Painting – Received 4 sealed bid for painting the entire exterior of the library building.  Will interview and get references for lowest bidder.


-Roofing estimate – Richard McCauley came and did a FREE interior and ground level exterior inspection.  There are some missing tiles and the peak need to be tapped down, but roof deemed to be generally sound.


-Other – front steps need work.  Exterior sign needs repainting.

6.         Plans for July

– 4th of July – Will go ahead with water sales and distributing PR cards from table out front.  Rebecca will let town know that there will be no balloon sale.  Cammy will produce cards to highlight RFL services and encourage folks to sign up for library cards/KOHA. Scott will get water and ice.


– 4th of July will replace July trustee meeting.

7.         Edited and approved Library Director’s Evaluation

8.         Formal Meeting is adjourned


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