June 2012 Agenda

AGENDA (Proposed)
Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting
June 7, 2012
Richmond Free Library

1.     6-6:10 – Welcome and everyone share something that they’ll be doing this summer.

2.     Review minutes

3.     6:10-6:20 – Quick updates
-Library Director reports on what’s new at RFL.
-PR news
-Funding news?

4.     6:20-6:35 – Review of Strategic Planning Meeting and plan timeline for next steps
– Thoughts to add to strategic plan notes

5.     6:35-6:55 – Discuss maintenance projects for the summer.
Painting – agree on contractor
Roofing estimate

6.     6:55-7:05 – Plans for July
4th of July?
To meet or not to meet?

7.     7:05-7:20 – Edit and approve Library Director’s Evaluation.  (Scott and Kristen will                 present a draft.)

8.     7:20-7:30 – Tasks for the month (or two)
Agenda items for next meeting

9.     7:30 – Formal Meeting is adjourned


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