May Minutes 2012


Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting

May 3, 2012

Richmond Free Library



1.   6-6:20        What are all those different pots of money?  RFL financial overview                                                 presented by former Trustee and Treasurer, Martha Lange.

-History of the Treasurer reports-was reviewed by Martha …

-Early accounts were under the names of the trustees and the director.

-When the renovation project happened-a 5013c was set up for that purpose

-Development Inc. was set up-and Martha has the checkbook for that account. There is $10,000 in that account. We have elected Kristen Hayden West to be the director of this.

-In 2009 the ’Friends’ have an account that is connected with the town-and they moved that over to the 5013c

1-Basic account

2-Piano account


Edmonds Trust– is an account that is set up as a will from 1936- $15,000-it was given to the town- and they interpreted that is was to be used for the library-the interest was the money to be used.

Shonyon Account was a willed fund as will-and it earns less than $50.

-‘Library standards’ report is done each year.

2.   6:20-6:30   Review minutes from April and trustee greetings.

-April minutes were voted on and accepted.


-We shared our Library ‘exchanges’ we had over the month with town folks. We recognized that we really need to be cheerleaders for the Library.

-Rebecca presented copies of the survey for trustees to review-


3.   6:30-6:50   Library update by Rebecca

– Computers-we were given – 4 -almost new computers.-These came from the department of libraries. Two new ones are in the computer room.

– Plumbing-water heater split and leaked a bit…down the siding-and then into the office are-we lost a ceiling tile- no major damage. Dry Now- but we need to replace the water heater-that will come out of the maintenance account- less than $1000-is anticipated.

– Strategic plan-We have the data from the surveys that are in and we will review it.

-Painting –we need to get contractors to call Rebecca for bids.

-Employee evaluations are now on a different timeline- and we can use the town form that Kristen has.


4.   6:50-7:00   Reporting out on:

– Publicity – Cammy-wrote a letter to the Times Ink.

– Building upkeep – Karen-will talk with Rebecca to come up with plans.



5.   7:00-7:10   – Use of Community Room and fees- Rebecca wondered about the cost structure and how to set it up/or revise it. She wondered if people should be allowed to use the space as a long term class offering. We can look at different locations to see what they charge. (Below is the link that outlines the use of the room.)


6.   7:10-7:20   – Forth of July – Water and literature? We decided to not do the balloons- a tent with water and cold drinks for sale and try to promote library cards-will be the plan. We need to get water from VT Pure-buy one case get one free -4 cases- Scott will pick up water.



7.   7:20-7:30   – Tasks for the month and agenda items for June

-We need to get other trustees to join the Richmond Free Inc. board.

-Review the evaluation forms and work on the review of the director.

-Next month Rebecca will review the automation system-of our library.

-Kristen will check in with prior R.F INK members to see if they want to stay on or retire.

-Get painters to put in bids for the library-we can try to use the front porch forum to get bids by June

-Promotion of the CD collection is an idea.

-Plan for the 4th of July –flyer is an idea….

-Scott will secure a water deal

-Ideas are needed for the use-and costs- of the Community Room


**June 7  is the next meeting.




8.   7:30           –Meeting is adjourned





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