April 2012 Minutes



Richmond Free Library Trustee Meeting

April 5, 2012

Richmond Free Library



1.         6-6:10 – Welcome to new members-.

2.         6:10-6:15 – Review minutes-February meeting notes were accepted-March notes were not kept-retirement gathering for two trustees.

3.         6:15-6:30 – Introduction to RFL Trustee culture and expectations

-we talked about the ‘Friends’ money-which goes to requests from Rebecca-which could be building and other items-that support the library.

-We talked about the ‘Times Ink’ fund and what that money is used for.

– We talked about what the trustee group would want the trustee experience to be?- We want the boards to be meaningful work- and it to be rewarding to the volunteers. Rebecca would like the work we do to be more of a ‘promotion’ role for the library.

-Ideas included-the need to restart the mailing out to the town residents- that asks for volunteers and a donation plea. (This is a Friend’s role- if they choose to do it) We want a better relationship with the ‘Friends’

– Communication-

4.         6:30-6:50 – Discuss the five Trustee Offices and elections: roles were discussed…

5.         6:50-7:00 – Vote (using parliamentary procedure) on Officers and Committee Chairs

-Chair-Kristen Hayden West

-Treasurer-Laurie Dana

-Secretary-Scott Cole

-PR-Coordinator- Cammy Richelli

-Building and Grounds-Karen Tufano-(Karen will have a set of keys for Library access.)

6.         7:00-7:20 – Library Lawn Sale discussion-

-Historically it has been run by the trustees- selling slots and manned with us- as staff…selling food and drinks.

–We felt that we will not host it this year-in May. Reasons-New board and limited time to prepare-were reasons why not to do this.  But…we do want to come up with ways to get folks in-to see and use the library.

-One idea was to have an -Open House- ‘tech’ program that people could come to and see and use the tools of the library…perhaps stations…we want some way to promote the library.

7.         7:20-7:30 – The Long Term Plans-update- Kristen has some data collected from town meeting- it is being entered in a spread sheet to analyze.  Middle of May we will call a Planning Meeting to talk about next steps-and make decisions as to what we want for RFL.

Tasks for the month-think of ideas for promoting the library- get a list of summer projects from Rebecca for the building-think about new library promotion ideas.

Agenda items for May-Evaluation of Director/further discussion of roles of trustees. We will invite Martha Lang for a Treasurer lesson. Plan our painting plans for the summer.


8.         7:30 – Formal Meeting is adjourned



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